Shion's straight-to-the-point virology guide

I’m not gonna type out a pre-text here, because I’m lazy, I’m just gonna dump some tips and my usual virus combos.

I hope this helps y’all before the fun police kneecaps virology, fuck keeping this stuff a secret haha.

Sources of dormant viruses

  • Crewmembers
    • Felinids, lizards, virologists, and janitors are more likely to have a dormant virus
    • Only applies to crew who join normally (roundstart or latejoin)
  • Roundstart monkeys (genetics, virology, pun pun) and morgue corpses
  • Dried blood, dried vomit, and rotting gibs
    • Only dried counts - fresh blood, footprints, etc don’t.
    • Vomit often spawns in bathrooms.
    • Make sure to check all of medbay and maints.
  • The rat in virology (Vector) always has a freebie virus, guaranteed to contain at least one level 9 symptom.


  • Adding Spaceacillin to a virus will falter it, preventing it from spreading on its own, it will only be spread if blood containing the virus is directly ingested or injected.
  • Adding Cryostylane to a virus will preserve a virus, rendering it immutable, meaning it will never mutate, nor can any new symptoms be added to it after that point.
    • Always add cryostylane after spaceacillin!
  • Printing a new virus sample from the PANDEMIC will not copy over the faltered/preservation status, you will have to re-add spaceacillin and/or cryostylane to each new culture bottle!
  • If you want to have a blood sample that contains multiple viruses, find a monkey (which has no dormant virus), inject it with both viruses, and then take its blood. You will now have a blood sample that will give all its viruses at once.
    • Self-resp with resistance 8 will regenerate blood faster than an IV drip can take it, so you can get unlimited virus combo blood this way.
  • Drinking virus food will massively speed up the onset of viruses, allowing viruses with poor stage speed to take effect much faster.
    • Do not put virus food in the same beaker/pill as blood though, as it will react, even if the only virus is immutable/preserved!

Virus Combos

Gold Standard, aka Shion Healing P1

  • Viral Self-Adaptation
  • Blob Spores (neutered)
    • Can be swapped out for Eternal Youth, but you’ll have lower resistance, making it both easier to cure, and you’ll miss a Superficial Healing threshold
  • Self-Respiration
  • Thermal Retrostable Displacement
  • Regenerative Coma
  • Superficial Healing


  • Heals brute (lower amounts of) and burn passively. May result in face becoming unrecognizable if this is used too much, though.
  • No longer needing to breathe, rapidly regenerating suffocation damage and blood volume
    • You will no longer be able to give CPR though, so be careful if you are in a medical role.
    • Also, if you use Nitryl or something, it won’t work with this either.
  • If your body temperature reaches an unsafe threshold, or you take a lot of burn damage, you’ll teleport to a recent ‘safe’ spot. This has a cooldown, though!
  • Regen coma. We all know what this does.

Systematic Healing, aka Shion Healing P2

SHOULD BE COMBINED WITH P1!! Be warned though, this has a higher stage speed than P1, which may result in ARDS taking effect until P1’s self-resp kicks in. I suggest either taking virus food with this virus combo and/or combining it with dexalin (plus) to heal off the ARDS damage until self-resp kicks in.

  • Viral Self-Adaptation
  • Organ Restoration
  • Aptotic Culling
  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
    • MAKE DAMN SURE you combine this with some self-resp virus!!! Self-resp (or any form of TRAIT_NOBREATH) completely nullifies all effects of ARDS.
  • Sensory Restoration
  • Necrotic Metabolism


  • Heals all organs except for the brain and implants
    • Will also grow new organs if any are missing for some reason
  • Healing off radiation and cellular damage
    • Said damage will be converted into brute or burn damage though, and be accompanied by somewhat scary messages of tears opening in your flesh. Superficial Healing from P1 should heal that off quickly, though.
  • Rapidly fixing eye damage (including blindness) and ear damage (including deafness)
    • This is really useful for felinids, as it’ll allow you to regain your hearing after a flashbang in seconds rather than minutes.
    • Also useful as a moth, or if you have thermal/x-ray eyes, as it’ll allow you to avoid having your vision heavily damaged up by flashes.
  • Curing most hallucinations

Max Hyperactivity (HP-1 / Slot 1 variant)

  • Hyperactivity
  • Viral Self-Adaptation
  • Eternal Youth
  • Ducatopod (neutered)
  • Facial hyper-whatever-osis (neutered)
  • Self-Respiration

You shake off stuns and stamina damage really good with this. You’ll also hallucinate a lot (which sensory restoration won’t be able to stop), and you’ll be constantly shaking and on edge. But that is a good price to pay for high batong/disabler resistance.

Self-resp also hits the blood regen threshold.

Max Hyperactivity (HP-2 / Slot 2 variant)

Needs a self-resp virus alongside it, combine with either P1, HP-1, or something similar!! Also, this will show up on HUDs!

  • Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
  • Hyperactivity
  • Ducatopod (neutered)
  • Viral Self-Adaptation
  • Eternal Youth
  • Necrotic Metabolism

The same as HP-1, minus the self-resp+blood regeneration, and it fits in slot 2 instead of slot 1. Combine HP-1 and HP-2 to instantly authorize sec to use lethals on you!

alright i’m quite scatterbrained and woozy rn, i’ll prolly expand on this later, this should still be quite helpful now

many of these tips will still be applicable after i get off my arse and finish the removal PR. the rough stuff will just be recipes becoming borderline impossible

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Wait, how do I neuter symptoms?

taken from wiki


Formaldehyde will neuter one random symptom when mixed with a virus. This disables its effects while keeping the attributes intact. This is useful for meeting threshold values without making the virus deadly. You should always neuter stat symptoms with mechanical effects, such as Sneezing, Ducatopod, etc. Neutering a symptom sets its severity to 0


Okay, thank you. Maybe I’ll try virology some day.