Shark-sie mentor application

Your CKEY: Shark-sie

Your Discord: Happy_Never_After#7540

How long have you been playing ss13?: I started with my first connection I believe in March of 2016? I dont have an exact date, it was to YogStation and I spent more of my “shitty greytide that breaks the rules all the time” play-time on Yogs. Since then I have been very active on TG code, as long as its non-erp. So Hippie, TG, Yogs, and now Bee.

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Who specifically? No clue I havent asked for any favors. Many players have met me under one name or another, Mark Kendall or Theo Legend, maybe Zerinya Trance. While I do not believe many people from other servers would vouch that I am a pleasant player, they would be hard pressed to deny that I am robust and knowledgeable about the game as a whole. I have tried in my time at Bee to be generally a pleasant and co-operative player and person. I would hope that the general consensus amongst bee players is that I will handle people who cross me harshly IC, but I am not an otherwise unpleasant or harmful player.

Game Experience (More Detailed): Over three years of playing, and at least two thousand combined hours of play time, I feel that I know most of the maps by heart, most systems to at least an “apprentice” level, and can give detailed information on current, and past, antagonists and systems within the game. If you asked me to describe how each department head should run their department, I can give you a full rundown of every role in the game and what they should be, all things working properly, doing with their time. I also spent a LONG time being a rules-lawyer in tickets on both Yogs and TG, I have a very strong understanding of rules as theyre written, and try my best to be open to interpretations and the spirit of the rule.

P.S - For full disclosure, I will let it be known that I am banned on YogStation (appeal denied) and TG (did not attempt to appeal) for reasons that make sense and show that I was a very unappealing player. I have done my best to learn from this, and attempt to learn from every ticket I am involved in, even if I am the one starting said ticket.

Going to be the first to comment on this application.

I’ll give you my +1 as stated below.

  • You have 60 hours on the server.
  • Not many negative encounters with Administrators.
  • Don’t seem to have any alt accounts that have negative notes.

I’d be happy with seeing you Mentor on the server as we are really stuck for Mentors at certain stages of the day.

P.S - What hours would you be most active on? as we do have times where there is 0 Mentors on.

I work 7:30 AM to 430 PM EST M-F, but have all weekend and often have week days off. I spend a lot of time after work bouncing between other games and SS13, usually 1 round every hour or other hour

Looks fine to me. I remember you on yogs.


This dudes chill. He knows the game well enough to teach me a few things. He’s polite. 2+.

+1, accepting this right now