Serves-The-Crew ckey Milkshakery and B.U.D.D.Y- ckey Joshuacop attacked me in the escape pod for noraison

CKEY: Aeder1

Your Discord: MemeMaster5000

Offender’s CKEY: Milkshakery, Joshuacop

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name:Serves-The-Crew, B.U.D.D.Y

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 8/8/2020

Round Number: 19599

Rules Broken: 5. Don’t Self Antag

Incident Description: Spent the round building a singulo as CE. Just finished it as the shuttle called, so I was quite spicy when heading there. I go to an escape pod to not kill everyone, and find these two there. After a quick discussion and explaining how spicy I was BUDDY shouts “Kill him” and the bartender Serves, unloads their shotgun into me and then beats me with I think it was a crowbar.

Being robust as fuck, I am forced to kill them to save my own life.

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why not just crit them, i doubt you killed them with anything other than welder and you got burn medkits in engi right ?

Also imagine calling yourself robust when u got 40 melee defence hardsuit vs some tools they found on the ground

Also by kill I did crit them. But it was an escape pod so they bled out. Not picking up the guy that just tried to murder me.

So, you went to pod, told them you are irradiated and this will kill/hurt them, they “defend” themselves and you kill them.
dunno seems like overescalation on your part :smirk:

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This was before the pod launched, I assume? Can you elaborate regarding the time-line?

What is the logic in not reducing your rad-count before trying to pop on a pod, let alone wandering the station?
Did you check to see if there was another free pod?
I think it’s entirely reasonable for them to try to murderously eject you from the pod, as you’ve already escalated to lethal levels by heavily dosing them with rads.
If anything - I’d argue that you were self-antagging by haphazardly spreading rads around the station, and in this case - a critical area of the station. At the very least, this would constitute a violation of Head Competence. They weren’t in the wrong by trying to save their own lives, but you certainly were in the wrong for recklessly endangering them.

In short - I’m fairly certain you’ve just made a Player Report, where the only person in the wrong is you.

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No it was in flight. The tiny pod at holodeck.
I was nowhere near spicy enough to kill or even down in the time before we docked.

There was no time to reduce the rads after making sure the singulo would be safe. I was on the shuttle for approx 5-10 seconds before launch.

Why even mention it to them if the amount of accumulated radiation wasn’t deadly? Why would you not leave time before the shuttle departed to rid yourself of radiation? Do you feel that doesn’t involve Head Competence?

The scenario I envision is you popping onto the pod and saying “Hi guys, mind if I bounce with you? By the way - I’m soaked in deadly, deadly radiation.”

If that’s an accurate rendition - are you really surprised by their reaction?

I suppose log diving would be required to get the specifics of the conversation - but come on man. Second time I’ve used this link today. It certainly wasn’t an attack “for no reason”. They feared for their lives in a radiation-soaked enviornment that you inflicted on them.

Additionally, you haven’t answered this:

What is the logic in not reducing your rad-count before trying to pop on a pod, let alone wandering the station?

Or this:

Did you check to see if there was another free pod?

After clearly stating I got to the pod 5-10 seconds before launch as I was making sure the singulo wasn’t going to kill everyone on the station, why would you ask the same question again?

Again I will state that I was spicy and was in the process of explaining that it will likely not kill them before they opened fire.

Do you need me to pull the logs twice for you?
Here you go just in case.

In an additional point if you decide to read the logs when investigating a report you will see that I have to explain to them what radiation is. The bartender was told to kill by their PAI and did (or tried to) with what appeared to be no reasoning after having to explain to them what was happening at the time.

If you pulled the actual logs above, I didn’t see it. Upon review, I still don’t see it. If you could provide specific log quotes relating to this situation, it’d be hugely helpful. My concern is that you potentially harmed two members of the crew on a pod - and then upon explaining to them that you were harming them, were surprised when they tried to eject you from the pod.
Is that inaccurate?

Yes, it’s very reasonable for you to try and secure Lord Singuloth before bouncing from the station. It’s not reasonable for you to make a report against players who tried to stop themselves from being harmed as a result from your interaction with Lord Singuloth.

This is entirely my opinion as a trial admin, which counts for almost nothing. I’m simply saying it’s not reasonable, in my eyes, for you to make a report against players defending themselves from the radiation that you - per what you’ve said above - inflicted on them. Escalation is the key word here, and you certainly escalated when you soaked them in rads - and then explained that you were soaking them in rads.

I really would like to see the specific logs of what was said - I may have an entirely mistaken impression. If that’s the case - then my argument has no foundation and can be safely ignored.

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Gah - apologies, it’s 1:30 am. I did miss when you said that you’d explained it’s not likely to kill them. Not legit on their part then, but still questionable on your part for irradiating them in the first place. From my perspective - I’d call this even, and maybe just bop you with a note to be more careful with radiation, and them for questionable escalation. Again - my opinion counts for precious little, but there it is.

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I was making a point that you are not reading what has been posted, and would need the logs which you should pull if you’re going to investigate a player report.

As a trial min you should know that you are not meant to investigate your own tickets so I should not be pulling the logs to avoid accusations of bias and editing. Admin 101 really.

So after deciding to stay to the last second to secure the singulo, get to an out of the way shuttle with unlikely to be harmful radiation, explaining to the other passenger that really should’ve been on the main shuttle details of how the game works, I am rewarded with a shotgun to the head.

Hmm if only there was a way.

Pretty much says it all.

You probably missed my second message, apologizing that I’d missed a bit of your post. Yes, obviously one shouldn’t prosecute one’s own infractions, but I do vaguely recall a scenario where it was purported that use of administrative tools was a legitimate way to support one’s claims. Don’t quote me on that - since I can’t recall the specific instance. In the moment - I don’t see how supplying information would be a bad thing, though. Getting off-topic.

tl;dr - I made an oopsie by not realizing that you’d explained to them that the radiation wasn’t lethal in my exploration of the issue as a Trial Admin, and you made an oopsie by harming crew as a non-antagonist, though in a non-lethal way which elicited a lethal response on their part. Fair?

Hmm if only there was a way.

Is there, when I’m not on-server? If so - I am completely ignorant of it. Please do PM me explaining how to use those tools.

EDIT: I’m not out to get you. I apologize if my replies come off as antagonistic. I just don’t think it’s right for someone to make a complaint against people for harming them, as they are in the process of being harmed. Are there some details that are missing? This situation seems rather fluid - as the round was ending. Personally - I’d rather not be locked on a pod with someone soaked in radiation.

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That means at all. If someone makes a ticket about you as a player the only interaction you really should be having is “hello, seen your ticket will get someone on it”

You can pull your own logs for sure. But I am trying to be as transparent as possible here.

There’s a difference between intentionally irradiating yourself to hurt people and sacrificing yourself to keep the crew safe, hence going to an out of the way pod, which normal crew are not really expected to take. I just didn’t want to make the ultimate sacrifice.
If you want to investigate and see the logs like you said you are able to.

For sake of continued argument - wouldn’t the ultimate transparency be posting one’s own logs? Yes - clearly, if one is offended in-game, one should treat oneself as a player. I hate to argue about things on staff-level, though - let’s say no more of it.

I just didn’t want to make the ultimate sacrifice.

That’s very much the question, then. Obviously you knew that boarding a pod was going to be harmful to the people on it. You explained to them it wouldn’t kill them, and they killed you anyway. Questionably legitimate escalation on their part - certainly. My questions centered around the query of why you’d board a pod soaked in rads in the first place - which you answered - you didn’t want the singularity to eat the station. Very, very reasonable. I bring up the point of “the round was ending soon” as contentious, because if it wasn’t - they’d likely have been killed by the rads, yes? I don’t know. There’s a degree of ambiguity in this scenario which sours my mouth. It’s not a cut and dry “they killed you for no reason at all” and it’s not a cut and dry “you knowingly took a pod realizing it’s be lethal to everyone on the pod”.

In my eyes, you presented some measure of clear, present, and immediate danger to the people on the pod - which elicited a response from them. It wasn’t completely unjustified on their part. I’m very curious to see what other input administrators can give - because my lack of experience is nakely showing here.

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Yeah especially since this is a noob server it’s entirely reasonable for someone to misjudge the threat of your rads and try to kill you.

Also for reference I used to pull all my logs by clicking the save logs button before I realized nobody read em

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Likely. However the issue is someone shouted kill and the relatively new player was like

“ ¯_(ツ)_/¯ murder it is then!”

The person shouting kill had many more hours and should’ve known better.

Aye I explained that one to you :wink:

The issue for me is that if so inclined I would be able to pick and choose from the logs. I wouldn’t.

Even if another admin did this on a similar report I would still pull my own logs.

Ah, thanks for clearing that up - if that’s the issue, then yes - certainly that player should be given a note to be less enthusiastic about murder. I only question the circumstance revolving around it. I really appreciate you tolerating my endless barrage of questions. It’s a way for me to get more familiar with the evaluation of Player Reports - which is the sneaky reason why I went through them all. Again - I’d really appreciate @GameAdmin input on this one.

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This one is kinda weird, considering that it was MRP, the worse thing that serves-the-crew might get is a note, they attacked without making sure that rad is deadly to them or hell, if they even get enough rad on the way. but B.U.D.D.Y is obviously IPC or cyborg which means the rad did no harm to them, so they did a kinda biggy self antag.
Killing someone on escape pod because they had rads is no cool, you are meant to go on the pod to escape, it’s like killing a radiated guy who came to medbay because “EnDageRInG mA PaTieNTs”

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A guy literally screames out that he is irradiated whilst trying to board an already occupied pod. I dont know if they attacked him first, did he try to escape or whatever, but its understandable why would you force him out even lethally
You come sit down near two dudes, irradiated, and expect them to just roll with it?


Even high amounts of radiation take time to kill people and they were midway on an escape pod. and as I said, B.I.G.G.U.S’s name suggests that he was IPC, so he was immune to rad and this murder was a complete self antag on his side.

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