Server crashing spam in round 29078

CKEY: Yorpan

Your Discord: 依李#0743

Offender’s CKEY: Several offenders

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Several offenders

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04-23-2020 - 04-24-2020

Round Number: 29078

Rules Broken: R2 Be Excellent to Each Other: “Common sense”, “No spamming”, and “No exploiting”

Incident Description: Spammed emotes at a rate which crashed the server because they were upset at a clown taxi

Who was doing it and what emote?

I have no idea, it would not surprise me if you find a million emotes spammed in the span of a few minutes. Several people caught by the clown and the clown himself were definitely spamming.


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For some clarity, the runechat emote system was all that was working for a period of several minutes, the chat window had already gotten frozen.

It might have been because someone decided to finally loop a *fart macro, or because of the sheer volume of emotes sent by several players, I have no idea honestly, the game wasn’t registering much information on screen.

There is nothing that sums up ss13 better than crashing a server with fart emotes.


I remember this round, epic clown prank 10/10

While other players contributed to the spam, this player was responsible for 1400 of the 1700 farts and was definitely using an external macro to spam them based on logs.


@admins You forgot to close and archive this.

I got side-tracked after the post, whoops