[sergioarbelaez] banned by [marshmellow10]

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After [tamumus] gave me a nudge to shorten my (obnoxious) four-part name, I complied, reducing it to two. By the time [marshmellow10] got around to me, it was a mixed/Circassian name along the lines of Kuang Baghdassarian, which I feel was within bounds of the naming guidelines and not entirely eyebrow-raising. Because I complied (I was, and still am, pretty new here) and the language of the guidelines are pretty nebulous on how a character name should look, I’d like for my appearance ban to be looked at.
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Hey there! I thought the name was strange and changed it, I’ll get some second opinions now as I cant speak for all cultures.

In the meantime, could you come up with a more ‘normal’ name to pick in the event that my secondary opinions agree with me?

Also, reviewing the ban, why’d you disconnect in the middle of the ticket?

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I would like to point out that Kuang is a real life chinese name and Baghdassarian is an armenian last name. They may sound kinda funky to people outside those cultures but there are real life people named that (And it’s an interesting break from human names John McJohn).


After getting the second opinion from some admins and here, the name isn’t an issue for me anymore.

I would however like an explanation as to why you disconnected in the middle of the ticket before I unban you. Have you read our rules about ticket conduct?

Hi, sorry for getting back to you so late.

Just really inconvenient timing in real life, had to alt + f4 to help with something; figured it was better than leaving you hanging while AFK, and it wasn’t guaranteed I was coming back during that time. I understand the rules stipulate no leaving, or at least informing of absence, but it felt out of my hands at that moment. Will provide more heads up next time, if there is one.

Trust me that it wasn’t meant to be disruptive, at the time I just did not see this admin ticket as… severe as some others.

Thanks for the appeal, I’ll lift the ban now.