Security scanners

I think a machine that sec would be able to have access to (if the proper research is done) should be some kind of scanner that can detect certain objects (which can be set manually and is determined by what tier parts you have) and prevent entry into somewhere. My intention is for it to largely be a way to hinder a gulag prisoner from being able to simply take a pickaxe from outside (machine would have a shit ton of health/requiring plasteel to create) and break out of gulag or attack guards, and something you can set up outside of court when trail is being held to prevent explosives or weapons from being taken in. Also this machine is not able to tell you exactly why the person was denied but just they have an item the machine believes to be dangerous

Items I imagine that it would be able to be flagged and the person denied entry is the following:

Grenades with chemicals
Anything with a firing pin in it
Certain chemicals (poisonous or explosive)
Blades/pickaxes/baseball bats/mining equipment
Magical items

Biggest flaw is of course is sec validhunting by forcing people to go through the machine without cause which the only solutions I can think of is adding a list of harmless items that could trigger it since in real life machines like this aren’t perfect, the scanner not accepting people who are handcuffed, requiring a delay so you can’t just aggressively drag someone through, not accepting people being fireman/piggyback carried, SOP requirements, and any other suggestions people have.

I like the idea in theory but i already can see these being built all over at practically ever entrance…

Then again thats a player issue SoP related not a design issue necessarily

that would only make sense (at least for brig)

additionally it shouldn’t block people from walking through, just make a red light with a beep or something


Already exists

We both know this is not going to stay in gulag, and is going to be built everywhere.
The point of departmental sec is to actually patrol their department, they shouldn’t have extra handholding on frisking people.

??? this feels contradictory

This is just scanner gates with extra, definitely going to be abused, features.

Besides, Scanner gates already have a guns scan feature AFAIK.

Yeah i pictured it like the medical scanners people put in in front of medbay doors sometimes, my concern was that people would add these secanners to every department.

But again, thats not a guarantee, i donlike the idea

Exists, mostly. Just actually need security to build and guard the gates tbh

Scanner gates can be setup for a load of options such as wanted status, weapons, nanites, viruses, mindshields even nutrition. You can also invert them to make them scan for the opposite.

Some admins will also boink sec if they powergame weapon scanners on every door.

Also they work pretty well as gameshow buzzers.

Also please add a trigger hack wire on them if any coders see this.

What if we just make the end of round antag icon visible to everyone round start? That would be really fun and cool.

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We can make the required boards unprintable so sec only has so many of them to build with.

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I love the same day that this gets pointed out, I notice wardens setting them up inside sec

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Oho! Good to know my cutting-edge writings have a following!

I should be so proud

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