Sec report

In-game report:

   Title: security executed everyone in perma, specifically the HOS but rest of sec helped. Not to mention I was there for a minor crime.
   CKEY: Massked

   Your Discord: Massked

   Offender’s CKEY: unkown

   LRP or MRP server: MRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Ashlie Johnson

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/16/2020

   Round Number: 22704

   Rules Broken: 3, 4, 8

   Incident Description: I was in perma for assult and the HOS would not let me go. He then went on to execute us  because a perma window was broken. Not just me, everyone in perma.

Looking into this, thanks


I was an officer during this shift. The space ninja broke them out of perma and made perma unusable through a broken APC and depressurisation. The perma prisoners attacked us as soon as they saw us but we fortunately managed to restrain them.

Whilst I did not execute them personally I was in favour of it because there was maybe 3 sec total at that time and people were constantly trespassing in the Brig - due to a hulk that smashed down the doors, then later a borg law 2’d to give access, then even later someone RCDing an entrance via the courtroom etc.

It was mayhem and we couldn’t handle the prisoners with the lack of hospitable perma, constant trespassers and risk of the space ninja breaking them out again (and they were even taunting us whilst standing on a wall in perma whilst we restrained the prisoners). HOS was the disk holder and had been acting captain that shift I’ll also note.

the perma was fixed in 3 minutes, and it is no excuse to execute us.


“Not just me, everyone in perma”

not gunna lie that’s kinda based


You couldn’t have waited three minutes but decide to attack the people fixing the place? This man is big brained.

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A couple things;

  • How many counts of asssault did Massked / other Permanent Prisoners commit?

  • Did any prisoners commit Capital Crimes?

I was an engineer that round.
The permabrig breach was literally a single broken window, and the emagged apc could be fixed in under a minute.

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Thanks to fastmos a single broken window means the rooms pressurization is fucked for a good half hour until the vents fix it.

APCs drained by Ninjas lose all power charge, meaning the vents don’t turn on to begin with.
Also Engineers rarely if ever listen to calls from sec (or anyone for that matter) to come fix their shit, unless its a major hull breach

I was literally the engineer that sealed the breach and fixed the apc bro…

plus you can just be a chad and use prefilled canisters from atmos/maint

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bro, you are based engi.

But still, pressure fucked for a bit either way

it takes about 3 minutes if your atmos tech isnt stupid and set up distro right.

Oh didn’t see that question was to me. I can’t recall tbh, it was warden and HOS who did the permaing. We had at least one warden cryo as well but I don’t think there was more than two total. On top of their crimes they did attack with improvised weapons so shrugs

This was already partially handled by an admin in the round when the ahelp was made, and I share these observations:

  • Perma was made inhospitable by prisoners, not security
  • Engineer did show up to fix the prison and was attacked by said prisoners
  • You, @Massked were in prison for attempted murder, not simple assault and your victim was command staff
  • Security is allowed to deploy lethal force against multiple hostile targets, or in code-red worthy scenarios which a mass prison-break conducted by space ninja would definitely qualify as in my eyes.

Circumstances were in such chaos that I’m not going to fault security for the mistakes that were made here. This was not a case of power-tripping or abuse of power, but a case of being put in an impossible situation and outnumbered.

This report is rejected under Rule 1, I’m sorry you got caught in the cross-fire of circumstances that were largely not your own doing, but you are also not reporting the whole picture both here and in-game, whether doing so intentionally or not.