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Didn’t ask plus your an admin :troll:

space dragon, syndie and pirates get together through sheer luck. chaos ensues

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Justice Pratt’s last stand in Vine station



the saddest thing about this is that, despite his most valiant efforts, he will remain friendzoned by Forgets-their-Name



You wish

The legion

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Pro tip: Don’t tell admemes “come on, one more ion law, I can handle it” unless you are prepared for the consequences. Good times.


Dillion hypnoflashed six of us to make a Soth(sith) vs Joda (jedis) showdown (non lethal)

the pictures are from the first assault to our Joda base where we overwhelmed 'em with a bunch of drugs and xenobio time-stomps and anti non-manlet defences (i.e tables)

Second battle was at chapel where there was a mix of borgs, pai’s, crewmembers, a legion skeleton sentient mob, emp’s, xenobio time stomps, stunprods, e-swords (toy but from emagged holodeck that does stam damage), bolas and more shitshow

In the end, it ended with Dillion getting arrested for unrelated reasons as we called it a draw since we both used questionable methods


Participants on the Joda side were:
Me, Morgan Strange

Heepox as the joda Mime Silent Sentiment

Bob Billson as the bloodthirsty meth joda

Nyx as the joda pAI who beated the soths on the dance showoff and played epic music

Participants on the Soth side were:

Axel Hawker as the leader (and now banned from leading dillion events)

Ryan Rhineheart as the magician who emp’d and caused all of our suits to go rogue and random (we all had chamaleon)

Adan Roadman as the sneaky traitor who wasted 0 tcs and abandoned Axel and Ryan on the second fight

and finally the organizer Dillion Finlay who got arrested and ride the shuttle on the sec area while the total drama theme song was playing

big thanks to Marina and Letty for helping me with the time stop thingies and botany logs


Captain Going boom
Goodbye captain it was a blast.

Here is a picture to remember it by.

also a painting

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I was Nyx! Pretty great, I was just very confused ahahah. Ended up becoming a joda disciple through nomination

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Lmao, Leo and I watched this shit go down. The utter tomfuckery here was hilarious.


TraitorCon Was a great success

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the clown sadly did not survive the round