"Scoundrels": roleplay-based psuedo-antag

I have an idea for a “psuedo-antag” - scoundrels. They’re “psuedo antags” in that they’re not rewarded the same freedoms as other antags, but they get more leeway than normal crew.

Scoundrels would function uniquely - they would have to select one or a few goals that they want (perhaps they get to choose from a random selection of 2 job/department-specific goals and 1 generic goals), or contact an admin to approve a custom gimmick goal.

If they don’t choose their goals in, say, 10 minutes, someone else would become a scoundrel instead.

Any job (except AI / borgs and maybe captain) could be a scoundrel.

Other misc points I couldn’t fit elsewhere:

  • Scoundrels should cause conflict, not chaos. They should not be the reason a shuttle gets called, nor should they pose an active threat to the station.
  • None of their goals should come anywhere close to causing people to be round removed.

Shitty ideas for goals

Doctor: “Ensure you save at least x lives, even if you have to be the reason someone’s life needs to be saved”
Security: “Collect at least x credits from fines.”
Engineering: “Show off the power of engineering, ensure at least x MW of power is in the grid!”

Sorry if I explained this badly, I didn’t sleep last night… It sounds better in my head I swear.


HoP Scoundrel - Ensure there are X ID’s with maintenance access by the end of the shift.

Hihi, I like this idea, only problem is that people will be “scoundrel like” regardless. Speakig of… some friends of mine… hehe

There are two ends to the antag spectrum. One is mass murderbone round removal, but the antag you’re proposing is on the complete other end, which is, believe it or not, just as unfun. I’m not sure how the objectives are even supposed to antagonise in any shape or form. If you really want a lesser traitor just add miscreants.

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@LodedDiper Whats a miscreant?

They’re an antag from tg or goon (i forgot which one), and essentialy they are traitors with no TC, and have objectives that are way more mild and don’t involve killing. Basically stuff like “Hoard x amount of items in this room”, or “steal the clown’s megaphone”. It’s still antagonizing to some degree but it doesn’t involve murder.

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I think thats Lucy’s idea but I could be wrong!

The difference is that lucy’s “”“antags”“” don’t even antagonize in any way, at all. Like, “ensure at least x MW of power is in the grid!”? That’s literally just a crew objective. Also having sec roll it is just generally an eyeroller to me, there’s a reason antag sec is rare.
At least murderboners make shit happen, this is just a snorefest.

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