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science gang science gang

Imagine making combat mechs for no reason as a roboticist
This post was made by actual roboticist who makes 300000 bots gang


Imagine not making 30 medibots and deploying them in the same spot dooming anyone injured near them to death by OD

Imagine not replacing the janitor by making 60 jannie bots

But seriously its chad to make like 20 beepsky and ED. Even better if you make a general beepsky, extra points for real eswords

Imagine not replacing shitsec with 10 sentient beepskys

That requires benobio to help you, and let’s be real, that’ll never happen.

If I am doing xenobio throw the idea at me and I would go for it. Problem is I don’t think you can make beepsky sentient that way.

viro is medical instead of joint medsci like genetics

I honestly do not get why viro isnt considered joint medsci

Imagine not making your own army of sentient magicarp and golems armed with armblades, then using a slime link to psychically communicate with them to take over the station.

Imagine trying to do that and then realizing you can’t aggro grab them so you can’t phsychic link them

Well, you can do that for golems. The magicarp are just magical artillery that obey the golems.

Imagine having hands and not just being carried everywhere as a pAI

Imagine not making a army of pAI medibots and commanding them to OD the entire station

imagine having to fight for attention instead of having the entire station already side with you

cargo is literally the only truly self sufficient department

Imagine not taking an entire shift to plan a surprise party with another pAI for your downloader and immediately after getting everything ready they don’t notice it and go straight to evac

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well uh… Honestly hard for pAIs to get people to do shit for them unless they are bound to them

That’s why it took all round and we weren’t able to get the party complete by the time the shuttle came

atleast you got a cake