Scarwolff Banned by Ruediger4


**Admin’s CKEY:**ruediger4

**Ban Type:**Temp

**Ban Length:**14 Days

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**02/01/2020

**Round ID:**11007

**Ban Reason:**Threw a water/pot grenade into a mob in the escape shuttle as a non-antag, harming both the shuttle and crewmember alike. Left before being able to bwoink. Appeal on forums, please.

**Appeal Reason:**There were space bears and rogue AI attacking everyone, the grenade dispatched them and the hull was repatched as soon as possible, Im pretty sure It didn’t kill nobody except who it was meant for, left because the round ended.

Well i got killed because that explosion.

ItzZero when someone throws a grenade at you
you must have throw on
when he throws it at you
or when he throws it on the ground you grab it and throw it fast at them

I didnt really see the grenade at all i was busy healing myself.

That grenade didn’t kill a single bear, it did however kill several crew members and nearly kill a significant number of crew, minimum 10 myself included

Well that wasn’t my intention it was merely an accident, and it DID kill the bear

you know obviously I wont try something so stupid again but it was worth a try.


I’ll reduce the ban to 12/14 hours-ish because It should be common fuckin’ sense to not throw a grenade near a crowd of people.

No matter how good your intentions were, no amount of bear meat can revive someone whose legs are blown off and his face melted off and frozen after being exposed to space.

Unbanned, all gucci.