Scarwolff Banned By Caecilius


**Admin’s CKEY:**WhyIsCaeciliusTaken

**Ban Type:**MRP Server Ban

**Ban Length:**1 Day

**Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):**31/01/2020

**Ban Reason:**Apparently “Stole” a mech because we were at war with science

**Appeal Reason:**Made a mech in cargonia to help defend against science who kept being really aggravating and trying to fight us, in resposne I MADE a gygax mech to protect us against them, it proved useful later when a changeling to tried to fight me. Admin didnt get the full side of the story since they werent even there for the whole round and assumed I stole it without asking or some tider shit like that. Overall no reason for the ban as it was justified and caecilius unfortuantely didnt get whole side of the story before banning me.

  1. No Powergaming
    As a non-security & non-command crewmember, you’re not an experienced soldier. Do not rush into danger without reason.
    Do not collect dangerous items, weapons, or tools “just in case”. Do not wear a hardsuit, riot suit, or similar bulky/uncomfortable armor for the entire round.

You should not be going off to hunt lings in a combat mech as a cargo tech. You’re correct in that I wrongly assumed that you stole the mech, you in fact did break in and make one yourself. This will be amended now.

I didnt realise the errors of my ways bud, how am i supposed to know wearing a gygax is bad but wearing a ripley is ok without prior warning, you cant bulk all mechs under “powergaming” because half the mechs are meant of cargo/mining. I understand the true mech powergaming laws now and Im sorry for the confusion, I wont make gygaxs as a cargo techie again.

Also how does that warrant a whole day ban, couldnt you have warned me first, How can anyone know the definition of powergaming when the majority of it is up to the admins speculation? Unless you tell us of course.

And if you read it again I dont say im going to “hunt lings” I said a ling attacked me and the mech saved me, this was out in the corridor buster brown.

Covers it quite nicely. You should be aware that a gygax is bad, whether “it proved useful later” or not.

also covers breaking into robo to do this.

Two admin interventions in as many days for weaponised related issues. A single day ban is fair, especially from the more roleplay server only, imho.

didnt break into robotics if you read the post but aight