Sauce Cats Ban Appeal, sorry and heres what happened

The original reason I was banned was for Bag of Holding bombing (I think, it’s been a while). Firstly, I would like to apologize for that. I have played a lot more and gained more experience and I’m not just some idiot new scientist anymore. Secondly, the ban evasion. I wasn’t actually using any software, but I don’t think you guys believe me. All i would do was update my Byond client and I was allowed in again. Sorry for trying to get in without an appeal, I’m not a big fan of forum sites. Thirdly, I would like to apologize to Bastian0930 for constantly showing up. As I said, i was too lazy at the time to make this. It’s been a couple of months and I’ve learned.

Ckey: saucegnat
Admin Ckey: bastian0903
Ban Length: Permanant
Ban Date: 2020-02-10
Round ID: 12370
Ban Reason: Ban Evasion
Appeal Reason: I would like to play on Beestation Golden again now that i know what i am doing.
Additional Info: Updating the client ban evades you.

It would be a good idea to use the correct formatting when making an appeal thread.

To add to what Ruko has said. I realize knowing all the details such as round # may be hard sometimes. But your byond account can be used to find the more specific details. Just use your ckey in the search function here which will make filling out the appeal easier. If you need anymore assistance feel free to ask hun.

And to everyone else she seems genuine and I think she deserves a second chance.

Tis a he but thank you, I guess the pfp is a little misleading.

Pretty sure I banned 1 of your other accounts for ban evasion before. If you want to join you have to appael the first ban, that caused the ban evasions rather than the ban for ban evasion

Banned from the server permanently - Ban evasion from account saucecat. Appeal before joining
Banned from the server permanently - BoH bombed the station as RD. Not responding to bwoinks. Appeal on forums

Do you have any more accounts that we should know about?

So I have to make multiple posts? I put in this post both apologies for ban evading and for BOH bombing, so does this count?

Nope, if I get unbanned im going back to my original account and not using any others.

I’m asking you if you have any alt byond accounts, as I can see you have a few.

Oh ok, there is Sauce Cat, Sauce Rat, Sauce Bat, and Sauce Gnat. That’s it.

What I wanna know, is why did you get banned on one and swap to another? You were banned on 3 accounts, two for ban evading. Why did you swap accounts?

As I said, I was too lazy to appeal and don’t like forum sites.

I’d say you should first appeal the first ban. It seems logical. Denied, appeal the first ban which got us here in the first place.