Sasukexsakura1337 step to power mentor app

Your CKEY: Sasukexsakura1337

Your Discord: Acensti#1440

How long have you been playing ss13?: a year now i got another 200+ on tg

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: imma get my home boys comment in a second

Game Experience (More Detailed):i love to shit around, Used to main Science and Clown specially in both TG And bee. I can do everything but somewhat xeno and Eng(Have done it since i started playing) i used to troll,piss people off and be a overall sarcastic troll also i have the knowledge that is very similiar to hitler which is to rile up bunch of pissed people and use them to target something specially.

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bruh you have like 30 minutes as engineer, that’s like basic knowledge mentor should know

You don’t really have to be a Engineer to do engineer stuff which in my case i used my somewhat eng knowledge to fuckup SM(Which i’m good at)

Can you detail your experience a little more then?
Can you do fancy SM? Fusion? What about toxins? Botany? etc. etc

I can do toxins,fusions didnt do botanist for ages after TG completely fucked their own botanist role. Just ask me in situation based questions and i’ll answer them

Can you give us a quick run-down of your can and can’ts, and how much knowledge you have about the rarer traitor items?

You start as scientist tasked with making maxcap, what do you do?

Another one:
You start as engineer and CE asks you to make co2 SM, how do you setup the pipes?

Last one (for now):
LRP, someone start shooting mime with fingergun, mime takes heavy damage. how

I can do toxins,chemistry,surgery,everything in science with basic xeno along with everything in supply roles such as Cargo tech,QM and being a shaftminer main, I can do genetics perfectly along with space exploration which is one of the cans i get to mind. One of my few can’ts is perfecting SM and survivng gateway, The question to traitor shop I’ve done Contractor kit and completeting all my contracts couple of times. I tried most of the traitor items and specially liked combining Martial arts with North gloves or EMAG with bunch of briefcase money (For cargo), There’s also syndicate glue with his glove for extra spicyness. There’s also items for role based only such as Clown car, His grace or KA pressure mod for shaft miner. I’m quite knowledged to most of them. I mean we have the briefscase with a launch pad activates and it teleports whatever the fuck you throw or yourself at it 7 tiles i believe

  1. Literally start toxins by preparing 3 oxygen tanks along with a plasna that fils up for that juicy tritum. I gotta then heat up the plasma for the one side and the other side we’ll have a really cold trit for the maxcap. We want that 50k research points
    2: tell CE that’s dangerous as fuck and i don’t want to risk making it by myself and tell him to help me do it and teach me on the process. same pipes just change one of the end filters to make CO2 not be thrown away and add 1 can or half of CO2
    3:there are 2 mimes and at least one is traitor or mime shot himself or somebody lied about the process.

+1, seems mentor worthy role and even comes with some less seen traitor item knowledge

Also a traitor mime only item

3rd question was tricky, emote is bugged and deals damage to mime for some reason.
You can’t really make 50k with tritum now (it’s 39-40).
That’s gonna be ±0 from me

Research caps or chad plasma and oxygen caps?

plasma and oxygen caps

tritium can make INF explosions

Overall though, they are pretty based…

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While I wouldn’t support sxs1337/nan if he applied for admin, I think he’d be a good mentor.

He’s not the best candidate, but he’s FAR from the worst, and has enough knowledge for it. Fun to play with from my experience, though I see why some people can’t get used to his particular style.


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You cannot really use pure trit for the coldmix, though.

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you mean the 33% 66% mix?