Rule 7.9 reminder

I think people need a reminder of this particular part of the rules.

7 Be Excellent to Each Other

  1. Disconnected players (SSD players) may not be stripped of items or searched for evidence of being an antagonist; move them somewhere safe if possible. You can identify a player as disconnected by examining them; “They may snap out of it soon”

Its kind of annoying when I have to deal with something in real life for two minutes and I come back to find that my ID is missing. This fucks with my round as it ussually takes a while to get a new ID and you know perfectly well that the person just standing there not moving is probably AFK. And its in the general rule conduct, which means you dont get a pass on this just because youre an antag.


le F1

seriously just ahelp it lmfao


If you don’t disconnect you’re not SSD

lol man wth r u on about

this is a nothing burger

How about you find a way to get IDs besides stealing em from AFK people?

just a general rule 7 reminder
be nice to eachother :slight_smile:

An example of people ignoring this is just when i played a silicon. It honestly doesn’t stop an douche that steals a rare hat from you and then uses laws to just simply tell you to leave then mocks, taunts and insults you. It was utterly rude and honestly i could not fo anything about it. People ignore this rule and screw those people. (It is anwser aimed at bluezora post)

Just carry a bomb there explodes when you open your backpack before you disconnect.

Works every time.


maybe don’t afk in middle of a fukken hallway?

find a locker to afk in like a normal person

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Skill issue.

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What happened to you leaving?



Astonishing how easily a person can be annoying


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