Rukofamicom Player Feedback Thread

For any of you who have actually managed to spot me playing on one of my characters, how do you like my bumbling around in quite an uncoordinated fashion?

Hugh Mann the Felinid
Darin Ahmed the Human
CDXX-LXIX the IPC (not to be confused with LXIX-CDXX which is played by someone else)
Deeja-Xileel the Lizard
Borgsworth the Cyborg
Aionis the AI

Can you fucking pick a proper name and not have it random for fucking once.

Above is every name I’ve ever played with

The only time I saw you playing you were a tumor that died to shocked doors…

Ayy, that’s happened to me at least twice now. Bad luck of the draw on hacking the door + bad timing on when to touch the door again. No insuls and no medical supplies make for a very sad monke.

Was a lone op. Took his time (literally repairing the station and eating most of his time) but no one knew there was an op until they blew up.
(lmao crew thought its blob)

11/10 would observe again

Some of those names sound familiar (Hugh mann specifically) but i dont remember interacting with you at all

You killed me as a slime, smh

I actually felt bad about that one because you were totally isolated from everyone. I decide what I’m going to do as slime before the spawn pings, and I was going to be going for aggression and killing everyone I could get away with that time around.

Ruko is a cool dude, 9/10 would consume again