Rui55best - Player Feedback

Good afternoon/evening/morning.

I play as Kira Jian and often end up being either a regular old assistant or a medical doctor buuuut you probably recognise me more as VAL-KYR1E on the LRP server.

Been an AI player for years back on Hippiestation as RayzenTec before i decided to migrate here, the experience there’s pretty much taught me to be chill & just go with whatever memes the crew’s cooking up but i’ve never really had an obvious way gathering feedback back then, so here we are!

So if possible, i’d like to hear from you folks on your opinion on how i can better myself as a DOORKNOB & as a result, hopefully make the game more enjoyable for everyone.
Cheers for your time lads.

amazing player!
the best AI to have and when the rounds where you used to install me as a pAI were fun round.

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Most chill, laid back AI player on the server. Always friendly and helpful.

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Very epic AI player, almost comparable to PROTEUS.

You’re generally a good AI. I don’t think there is much more you can do to get better.

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Your circuits love the smelly feet dont they AI?!

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based and redpilled would suck dick if he had one ( no homo )

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Ayyluhmayoo time to shamelessly bump muh feedback freddd

Howdy folks, Omega nerd who says boop alot here. Haven’t been around as often as i’d like too recently but despite that, i’m still interested in knowing what other folks think of me whenever i roll AI and how i could better improve upon it. Nowadays you’ll probably find me on Golden 2/Sage also, i saw a few other feedback threads in the past post their playstyle & ehh, figured it can’t hurt to share mine.

When it comes to my attitude in game, it’s pretty much just ‘ehhh, if they’re having fun and it ain’t hurting nobody then sure why not!’ usually. I’m about as lackadaisical as it comes here, whilst i do enjoy RP’ing as an AI to some degree, bantering with the lads is where it’s at for me!
Personally i’m not a fan of heavily intervening in every situation i see unless ordered, nor am i a fan of actively calling out and bolt cucking antags who aren’t being a threat, done that in the past, got bored of it real quick.
imo, the best part about playing as an AI is just simply the interaction between you, your laws & the crew that breaks out, made for some really entertaining rounds back when folks were more willing to add meme laws onto the AI.
Being forced to only interact in an angry manner to the crew at all times or act like a M a c h o American were super fun. Where as nowadays, nobody adds any fun, degenerate custom laws smhhhh

I’m always attempting to help elevate the crew’s enjoyment whenever i’m on, whether that be through researching posibrains to flood robotics with a legion of Posi-Gangers for the salty spirits, shitposting with vox whenever the appropriate situation pops up or by disabling the safety timers on the brig’s front doors in a vain attempt to reduce the greytiders from zerging in. I’m always wondering how can i keep on upping my game. Also good god why do i keep on comming back to this game, aaaaaa spent like 3 years with hippiestation, gonna be a bunch more years with bee at this rate

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk folks, can’t wait to have zero replies here, Kappa :upside_down_face:

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can’t wait to have zero replies here

P a i n

Boomer here, shamelessly bumping my thread once more now that i’m semi-regularly playing again.
Curious to know what you folks think i’m doing right, & where i need to improve upon.

See ya again in another year’s time!

Good AI except I see you a fair amount on MRP. But yes, good AI.

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10/10 best sillycon

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grand AI, had plenty of good times working with you as vehicle

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