Ruediger’s non-admin, full-player feedback topic

Howdy. No, this ain’t to comment on me as an admin, but me as the unrobust QM that sucks traitor toes for an emag as a player.

I’m usually playing as Carson Lewis or FRE-OS, and you’ll often find me in Cargo, on the kitchen, the bar, as Curator, HoP or CMO. I play other roles like Roboticist and Scientist.

I’ll be throwing myself into space to see what I can find (mostly whiteship and Hilbert’s Hotel), doing my job, using the gateway, buying nullcrates or just running around trying to make sure @Oshibka doesn’t get himself gibbed.

Very based QM once gave me a medal for releasing singuloose on the station that was very epic, Only problem is dosent play qm alot when online so i can’t enjoy his shenaningans more. Also get EMPe’d.

I thought good 'ol Carson got killed in a tragic cargo shuttle accident

Unrobust. You swapped me into your body as captain during the tyrant AI round, and I still had admeme vision. Could literally see all the antags, all status effects, and wanted signs. Was hilarious.

I kinda felt like i was fucking up since I had ghosted to resolve an issue before that.

Striking myself brb

helped me beat a miner to death for being a blood cultist along with Kulduad offering aid to gondor

basically the fucking pillar men from JOJO descending upon thine ass

10/10 would recommend

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i robusted you yesterday when i got onto centcom

very based qm unfortunely sleeped carped me in centcomm me no like

Play catgirl or no balls

God that was such a fucking glorious moment

you ever just give the QM your telecrystals to buy money briefcases but he actually buys a jojoke