Rublax Mentor application

Your CKEY: rublax

Your Discord: swedish potato and beef recipe#9146

How long have you been playing ss13?: since june 2019, i think i have like 400 hrs on bee

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: uhh I didnt ask anyone so whoever wants to ig

Game Experience (More Detailed): is my playtime on bee. and I play like everyday lol mostly as assistant, but ive done a lot of chemist and xenobio on yog and on bee too. also used to main chaplain and hop for a bit. good with robo aswell but im poop at toxins. I am pretty nice with cargo, alright with engi (cant really do atmos but ive never really tried either), good with medbay (except viro), good with science (except toxins) and good with service (used to play cook and bartender for a bit). never really played botanist on bee but i am not that bad at it.

good, but whenever im not focused on stealing something he always gets it first

The most robust assistants make the best mentors.


I remember his name from awhile back, has robusted me several times.


from what I’ve saw is really good at the game!

Based assistant, knows his stuff & i’ve never had any issues with em.


Fought someone in OOC, called them a banned word.

ok [banned word]!!!

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1+ black
Bottom text

+1 something something very based

obv it wasnt banned if I was able to say it :thinking:
also u play catgirl lol

Mentor is no more

Since apparently seniormins can process mentor applications, I’ll accept and process this now at a total of +5 (Fighterslam can only +1).