Roy Hujsak Permanently Banned by Haliris

CKEY: Roy Hujsak

Admin’s CKEY: Haliris

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: bs_sage

Ban Type: Role

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 13/9/2023

Round ID: 45823

Ban Reason:

All Antagonists, Traitor, Nuclear Operative, Changeling, Wizard, Incursion Team, Excommunicated Syndicate Agent, Revolutionary, Head Revolutionary, Xenomorph, Cultist, Servant of Ratvar, Heretic, Blob, Space Ninja, Abductor, Revenant, Devil, Blood Brother, Syndicate Mutineer, Hivemind Host, Obsessed, Space Dragon, Internal Affairs Agent, Gangster, Holoparasite, Teratoma, Spider, Swarmer, Morph, Nightmare, Space Pirate, Fugitive, Fugitive Hunter, Slaughter Demon, Contractor Support Unit, Forced Antagonists, Brainwashed Victim, Hypnotized Victim, Awakened Vessel permanently - Work with your teammates, do not grief. As blood brother, didn’t bother communicating with their accomplices that were actively coordinating using their implant. Then, bombed both of them accidentally in trying to take out their target. Again, didn’t take any steps to prevent that from happening. It’s not the fault of the mousetrap bomb or anything else, you were the one who didn’t bother trying to work with your team. Refused to acknowledge the issues in the ticket, ending up with “kk goodbye now”. Appeal this on the forum once you’ve cooled down and wish to try playing antag again.

Appeal Reason:

Lest start from the being after round started me and two other blood brothers decided to meet up in dorms and talk about our approach we had two target assassination and steal laser gun, but we end up splitting and wait a little more. I was a chemist with small expiries so i focus myself on what chems are the most need, after 1 h 30 mins real lifetime i saw my target still alive and i decided to do a life check i said on the radio “hello brothers” but there was no respond. So i deducted that they have to be dead or SSD. Why is that you ask the reason was simple last several rounds this weak when i was a blood brother my teammate die or left me alone and i had to take everting in my hands (or just because of small pop). of course i waited a few min to see if they respond but that never happen. so i stared to make a bomb i wanted to try out the explosion bag (nade + mousetrap + bag) to blow him up. My original plan was simple i was going to put that bomb at his altar (he was a priest) but apparently he never used it so i been looking for him with the bomb in my hands. After a while found him in “hub” acting as Miner still not knowing that my teammates are alive so i throw medkit under his fit, but he ignores it so i gave him to his hand and quickly run away no knowing when he would open it. unfortunately for me below hub was my teammate build the bottom side of hub the moth for some reason was friendly with him he open that medkit next to him (i still didn’t know that the engineer was my brother) three crewmembers blow up. at first i was going to take the moth to medbay and operate on him and leave behind every one else but i was attack by one of them with the stun stick i was confused in panic. I start to attack every one there. Unfortunately it took to much time and someone saw me and borg lock me up. i manage to escape and change my look and become unknown unit that moment i haven’t seen any radio msg from other bloodbrothers but then new msg came “wtf did you do” i was surprised to see my teammate alive and at that moment i realized what was done also that time report/ticket came and i stared to focusing on replaying to it at the same time my brother start to abuse me physically by undressing and dragging around the hallway while i was typing. After that my brother decided to kill the priest and told me to go with it, so we end up in priest private room but i didn’t notices that i was free to move i realize it to late and borg lock me up but also admin blew me up for unknown reason.

So that was sort story of 2h gameplay now lest talk about the ticket/report.

I explained what i did and why but the Admin was so fixed on the reason of lack commination between brothers that i decided there is no point of arguing (despite my answer about it) and i just waited to be punished but apparently admin didn’t like my response and for some weird reason he took this personally.
It was my first fuck up as a bloodbrother but apparently thats enough and the amount of playtime and warns doesn’t matter to administration of this server, and they can abuse the power to maximum as this ban reason shows.

You refused to work this out in the ticket to instead expect the “punishment”. I don’t know what else you expected other than a permaban then, you ruined the round for your two other blood brothers, so yeah I’m not gonna take any risks and will instead just bar you from playing antag until you are willing to see reason.

I’ll go over this later, but it’s very likely that 80% of this appeal is simply offtopic, it’s a very simple matter that you need to acknowledge.

i know what i did and i told you that stop communicates with them because i though that they are simply gone

These are all the communications that happened between the moment you said “hello brothers” up to the moment the bombing happened.

Choose your words carefully, cause I’m starting to really believe that there’s nothing to be done about your case.

Wow you are using sorted msg as a argument can you show every event that happened around me?! Like changing the beaker transfer unit or radio spam not to mention then chem GUI is blocking you visons. and show me time after my “hello brothers” what was after that

So it was the beakers fault then, you couldn’t have done anything else, such as paying attention to the chat, or actually going out to find out what happened to your brothers in case they needed help, you know, like what your last objectives instruct.

No, this was the machines and beakers fault, this is what you’re saying here?

For those wondering, pop was round 19 during this round, so you get an idea of the state of the chat.

What the fuck are you talking about?

‘such as paying attention to the chat, or actually going out to find out what happened to your brothers in case they need help, you know, like what your last objectives instruct.’

that msg was my life check the way to check on them and to see if they still alive

You said “hello brothers”, then decided that your all your brothers were dead/disconnected without double checking because you didn’t get an immediate response. You then ignored all of their messages that happened after to pursue your own bombing plot. When confronted with that, you blamed the beakers and the machines to explain why you didn’t see any of their messages, proving that they were alive and active.

And you’re the one asking me what the fuck I’m on about?

show me what was after hello brothers in your logs!!!

If your next message is a waste of time, I’m keeping the ban as is. I told you three messages ago to choose your words carefully already, and this is causing more of a headache than the actual ticket already.

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i want someone else on this case you are not suited for it

Actually they DID respond to you now that I’m rereading this…

i see it 1 min later i have’t seen in game yes i fuck up

Can you see NOW what I am left to work with?

How can anybody trust anything you do or say after this display now? What are we supposed to do? Should I just unban you and tell the next player that suffer from your blunder that there was nothing I could do?

When trust is broken, it becomes very difficult to come back from.
This was such a simple issue that would have been solved with: “I fucked up badly/didn’t pay enough attention, I know what I did wrong, I promise I’ll improve”. But no, you fought as hard as you could to make yourself appear as delusional as possible.

I don’t know what I can rule on this, I’ll come back to this later, but man.

but did that in ticket chat but that wasn’t enough for you i was expecting time ban for blooodbrothers but i don’t care any more if you can do that shit to me there is no point of fighting

Mate you said “Hello Brothers” at 11:07 server time.

Then you you said nothing for the next hour and a half. That’s what the logs show, the messages are just listed in reverse order. You never responded to them again and then blew them up having assumed the people actively talking to you were dead.

The argument that you assumed they were dead is comically bad - even if it’s genuinely true that you missed ALL of those messages over the hour and a half, it’s so incredibly negligent that it doesn’t even matter. You messed up here by paying no attention at all to radio chatter.

You also messed up by making no effort to rescue your brothers you assumed were dead. You even work as a part of medbay and have the perfect positioning to bring up missing crew.


Why is that you ask the reason was simple last several rounds this weak when i was a blood brother my teammate die or left me alone and i had to take everting in my hands

My bud, yesterday morning 3 of us on a 10 pop shift i say as IC as I can for us to cool it that the objectives are easy and we could get them done alone and you rushed the poor semi-ssd chef with your circular saw in the bar then gibbed him instantly man 7 mins in or someshit, and your still wrong cuz I did all those objectives handed the stuff off then ssd’d and told you to grab me from brig when done and make sure i get to evac and you left me behind.

My main issue isn’t even this, I got over that situation after the initial, when I cuffed him I was telling him to play along and rush the Chaplain who suggested killing him when i stunned them and uncuffed him, he just didn’t bother and waited til I was cuffed and they’d called for help before getting up and trying to escape.

whats your problem here? both of you went SSD you told me that you are at brig but not that you were sentence to perm brig. other brother was SSD in the middle of the hallway naked i took care of him but i realise to late that your are impression and security didn’t even care to take you to shuttle.