Round type idea for LRP

So I have a round type idea that I think would be perfect for LRP and would be suitable for any amount of players on the server. So imagine this the crew spawns in as normal and all typical antags are not present. The twist is one crew member spawns as an alien/monster type. Something quite weak even but still deadly if unprepared.

If the monster is killed the next phase starts. A new and tougher monster is then released onto the station. To make things even more fun all previous victims of the last round are also joining the monsters. So if phase 1 ends with 2 crew killed those crew members will spawn as monsters next phase as well. So now the surviving crew is dealing with 3 stronger monster types.

This continues phase after phase more and more crew will fall in time and more and more monsters of a stronger type replace the old. This continues until there are no survivors. Each phase can give a short cooldown so the survivors can rearm and lick their wounds but only of a few minutes and perhaps after a certain phase, short relief is even lost.

What would also make this tougher on the crew is that monsters can damage things without much consequences to themselves. So the crew can’t afford to just mass up and defend a specific area. Key parts of the station are vital to survival ensuring that even in early rounds there are going to be vulnerable targets.

So basically what you have is a very action-filled and tense game mode. Dead players have a reason to stick around because they soon will be monsters and chomp off the limbs of the comrades that failed to save them. If you are worried that some jerk would decide to be the last surviving monster hiding out in the middle of space, just make it so the phases are also times. So even if all the monsters are not killed the next phase will come in respawning the dead into monsters anyways.

With much love,

  • Your eternal Princess Zoey

that’s basically dynamic but with extra steps doe