Round 38833 adminbus report

Why post if you didn’t even read the report

Also what spawn protection, I walked into departures, not arrivals.
Who gets off the shuttle with a rifle in his hands

Because the points all don’t matter. Just push the narrative to where you want it to be. Thats how most reports are handled anyway.

No one bothered to quote from admin policy.
If you wanna accuse someone of something at least back it up by reading what they can or cannot do because so far everything is substantiated by ‘his own opinion’ of how things should be


Please close this report, all I wanted to do was to tell admemes that while I love bus events, you seriously should take more responsibility handling it. I am not looking to get admeme striked/noted because omelette man thought it was funny to throw fireballs at random people. (Also I remember now, non followers ganged up on the omelette and killed it after my death because it was so hostile). I probably should’ve made this a general thread.

Yeah I really could start a salting match over this because you come here, barely reading anything, say it’s IC over “points” (freshly joined? spawn protection? shot the wizard? and I shot first?) and then you accuse me of lying on report to get my narration up.
Well played laddie.