Round 30839 Head of Personnel Player Report

CKEY: CrackRocks

Your Discord: Crack

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown (admin told me to use Round 30839 Head of Personnel as a placeholder)

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name: Max Anders

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06/26/21

Round Number: 30839

Rules Broken:

  • R7 Head of Staff conduct
  • M1 You Must Roleplay (specifically breaking SOP)
  • M2 No Powergaming
  • M3 Do Your Job

Incident Description:

The HOP gave science/xeno access to both clown and mime round start, his excuse was “there was no RD” so he could “do whatever he wanted to” – which is kind of a terrible excuse.

Mime ends up being a really robust traitor, steals a bunch of super powerful items from Xenobio, including a stabilized light pink, which made him uncatchable for the rest of the round.

HOP, abandons his post, completely, for the entirety of the second half of the round, and waltzes in to Xenobio, wearing HOS’s armored jacket, sechuds as well as having a bunch of genetical modifications (space adapt, tk etc… not really a big deal, but indicative of power gaming) – the HOP proceeds to ask me (I was playing RD) for a stabilized Purple, Light Pink and a Yellow so he could track down and catch the mime.

This throws up a few red flags for me. The HOP is a bureaucrat by nature, he should not be kitted out in sec gear, catching mimes or whatever it is. He claims he’s doing this because the captain is “brain dead” (but captain was alive and active) which is not a really good excuse once again, and HOP was not acting captain at the time.

He claim that the acting HOS gave him all these things, and enabled him to “catch” the mime (the same mime which he enabled himself by giving them access to for no reason). He also said, that since he starts out with a “gun” (I think he meant disabler) he’s allowed to do this.

I of course deny the HOPs request for this, stating that, it’s neither the HOP’s jobs to act as a sec officer, nor is it my job to outfit the HOP and enabled this kind of breach of conduct. It was clear the HOP was power gaming, and I did not want to enable it.

A bit of a huff back and forth over coms, and the HOP cryos in what seemed to be out of spite. I ahelp at this point, and the admin says that because the HOP cryod, it messed up the logs, and I should file a player complaint.


Ah yes, i remember that round and i suggested you to write report. Let’s do this.
Mime asked me to access for xenobio and science - weird, but since we had no RD and he asked nicely - i gave it to him, but told sec to keep eye on him. Clown asked same but did a worse job, plus mime was already in xenobio - which was still empty at this time mind you - so i gave him basic sci access and told that if we get rd he can ask for more.
After maybe 20-30 minutes mime turned to be traitor, unleashed gorillas on station which killed captain, almost killed me and killed couple sec officers, some of them went perma dead.

Hos offered me a bigger gun ( hop starting gun is joke in lethal mode) and since my fancy leather jacket has no weapon slots (yes, up to 40min mark i was in burgundy suit and jacket) and laser gun is bulky and not safe to carry in hands…well, hos offered his jacket insteaf of mine. Keep in mind that hop has access to armor vest shift start and has weapon permit - his gun has lethal mode too. But why hop wasn’t at hopline?! Well sitting in 1 place is boring first, and second - i was working in cargo, making it rich - got help from botany to make miasma farm and such. If someone needs hop - i always responded and given that i always have tablet - it’s easy for me to add/remove access anywhere. If someone needs access they can always, always pda/ask in chat for hop. If they are too lazy to do this do they really need access?

So, i decided to check xeno - i asked them about 3 extracts - stable light pink, stable purple, stable yellow. Healing, speed, slow energy weapon recharge - i really don’t think this is powergaming. First - i walked into xeno and asked him if he can make it, then 15 minutes later when i checked i met rd, who joined like 50 minutes into shift. Rd instantly started yelling about hopcurity, powergaming and that he will report me to centcomm. Huh. I did have space adapt, pretty sure. But again - i never researched it myself - i walked into medbay and asked gene. Any crewmember can do it. Space adapt considered safe for anyone pretty much.

So what about hopcurity - well, i had sec hud ( honestly hop and captain need sechud shift start). Why? Well captain was killed for his AA card and hop is nowhere near as dangerous as armed captain. Plus - sechud stops me from giving access/job change to wanted people. And we were low on sec - so hud allows me to report wanted people to hos. I had hos jacket, chosen mainly for black color and armor slot - and again, i had armor vest. It’s just less stylish. My other gear was - red fancy suit from vendor, standart shoes, toolbelt ( all engineers were busy so i was helping make farm myself while working in cargo and i forgot to about it), energy gun, probably not boh bag. Keep in mind, hos already gave me permission to help out ( which i did a little when we were fighting mobs). I had my standart hop flash, hop cuffs from locker, hop baton. Amazing powergaming, truly amazing. One thing is - i’m not sure if even arrested anyone that game to be honest. Pretty sure most of my hopcurity was carrying dead sec to med, looking for dead captain (muh disk), and just reporting crime when i see it. I can help if i see officer running around shooting disablers, sure. Most of people help sec in that situation.

Like if i really wanted to powergame - i could walk into xeno and serve myself. I’m good at it, better then at least 80% of players i saw. I could buy swat hardsuit, paint it red, make it fireproof, buy autorifles or ask hos for one and so on. Amount of option you have as AA user for powergaming is massive - and when you good at EVERY job bee has to offer - you can powergame into fucking space if you want. Problem is - it’s incredibly boring. But having some quality of life things - sure. Small, weak healing - sure, speed? Since i saw mime having super speed i was gonna offer Aden ( hos) same speed, to help him catch him. Yellow extract? Guess for who…Oh no, hos again. After all, hos probably carries up to 3(!) energy gun with - disabler, energy gun, hos gun. So yeah, “powergaming” hop, with slightly better armor vest, sechud, energy gun was asking for 3 extracts.

But wait, how can you prove that you were gonna give extracts to hos? That’s exactly what i did before when i played with Aden. I enjoy playing with him - and if i can help him - i will. I’m not gonna do his job for him, but asking xeno and make small gift? Sure. You can ask both Sparky and Aden about me and xenobio extracts.

So honestly biggest problem is giving people access. But if there no RD hop can assign people to sci and give access. If rd arrives hour later he can always revoke it. If hop just refuses access to anyone - which he can - is that fun for everyone? Yes, i suspected mime - which is why sec was alerted about it instantly. What else can you do? Refuse any access to people? We start out on green alert, so until we raise alert i’m pretending we don’t have traitors. Sure, some places are offlimits even on green - atmos and sm room for example. But xenobio needs a lot of time to prepare anything deadly, time and luck. So i still think i was allowed to do it and at best - it’s ic issue.

Holy terrible grammar batman.

There should be a literacy check before you’re allowed to play any bureaucratic roles.

So you knew it was wrong, but put extra pressure on the security team. Just because there is no RD does not let you do whatever the hell you want in terms of departments. “Asking nicely” is not a reason to give someone access – this is MRP not LRP.

He was also rocking the finest in Xenobio tech, making him impossible to capture thanks to you. Also made a complete mess of a lot of the science departments, which I spent most of my shift cleaning up and helping rebuild.

Holy shit, you’re not security, you should never do security things as the HOP, you are part of the service department, unless you are the acting captain, which you aren’t/weren’t – the gun you start with is purely for self defense, not so you can go valid hunt people.

This is just patently false. This is like the detective saying because he starts with a revolver, he’s allowed to shoot whoever he wants.

Then you shouldn’t be playing HOP. Your job is to manage paperwork, and access, not go out and hunt mimes. This is a clear violation of rule M3.

At this point, you don’t even look like a HOP, just a grey tider that broke into sec and stole HOS’s gear. People wouldn’t even know you’re the HOP on first glance.

The fact that you are out and about hunting people instead of playing the role you picked, kitted out in full sec gear, while asking me for power gaming items, shows that you don’t actually understand what power gaming is.

People on MRP get banned for just having handcuffs in their backpack when they are not supposed to. You had a whole arsenal.

You’re the HOP, you shouldn’t have all this shit, people on MRP get banned for way less. Your job is to do paperwork, and manage access and deal with personnel issues. You are not a fucking sec officer, and people like you generally ruin the MRP atmosphere when you start doing shit like this.

Captain was literally alive, and was even on the shuttle when we left.


I don’t even know what you’re trying to say here.

No biggest problem is that you stopped playing HOP and started playing security halfway through the round. This is not what MRP should be about, and is more suited for LRP type environment. You ruin the atmosphere of the server when you do this.

You also spitefully cryo’d after getting called out on the radio, prematurely ending your HOP duties, I’m sure without contacting the Admin’s first. Because when I spoke to Francinum, he said that you cryoing ruined a lot of the data for the round and he was the one that told me to file a player report about you.

head of personnel SOP for reference:

  1. hop must confirm with relevant head of staff when giving departmental access.

no RD, bypass this

  1. hop may not give access to a dept that’s staffed already

xenobio and sci poorly staffed, bypass this

  1. hop may not give themselves AA or dept access without asking the relevant dept head

became acting captain once cappo died, bypass this (though i don’t think they selfassigned AA)

  1. hop can’t give anyone AA

hop did not give anyone AA, bypass this

  1. hop may not give demotions w/o asking the relevant head

no one was demoted here

  1. paperwork allowed in non-emergencies

not relevant here

  1. hop should report to desk when a crewmember asks

already stated before that nobody made an attempt yo contact hop

  1. hop is in charge of cargo. delegate to QM when possible.

this means the miasma farm is most probably legit

  1. hop is bound to the same rules as the QM when ordering crates

not relevant

  1. hop is not permitted to perform security duty

would be a ding-ding-ding moment if not for the fact the hop didn’t actually arrest anybody according to the player. not really sec duty to be armed when you become acting cap and someone is sending simple mobs to murder the entire station.

  1. hop is permitted only to carry their issued equipment for self-defense

this is the most contentious one because hop was given an egun… though if it was given after the cap died and hop became acting, i don’t see the issue personally.

  1. hop must follow cap guidelines for head of staff promotion/demotion

not very relevant here

  1. hop not allowed to open civilian job slots unless original is dead

not relevant here

  1. hop may approve/open job slots in non-civilian jobs w/ approval from relevant heads of staff

not relevant here

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I was warden/acting hos for the round.
There was a point cap was dead, one of my two officers was dead with soul gone and we still had gorillas and the mime running around.
I asked the hop if he wanted to help, didnt ask him to hunt the mime, nor did he do it if my memory is rigth.
I gave him an Egun, because it made sense at this point (shoot gorillas, or mime if he goes after him too).
Then he told me his vest couldnt hold the egun so i gave him one of the hos’s spare (they go with the burgundy suit well IMO).

He spent most of the shift in cargo or vibing in the brig, before the shitshow happened in command chat about the extracts and powergaming.
I cant say if the extracts were meant for sec, but what i can say is that i asked for the speedy ones too so we could catch the mime, and you flat out denied it.
It s the RD’s rigth, but it certainely didnt help sec.
And cap was focused on killing the mime, hunting him around (hence the braindead part i think).

And yes, max usually helps sec a lot, making sure we re well supplied.
He rarely validhunt and sticks to his role as HOP (even if he isn’t glued to his desk past shiftstart, wich is fine since he keeps giving access from the tablet and answering comms).

It does look like hopcurity but if there’s an immediate threat to station then they are allowed to gear up.

A mime with all the powers of xenobio + a gorilla army is very much an immediate threat to the station

Pulled logs, @Halinder hit pretty much every point spot on. And again, SOP should be followed, but every round flows in a unique way and as is stated directly on the top of the page…


Circumstances and context here are that things had gone to shit. It’s no longer a peaceful and “normal” shift on the station. It is not “Abandoning your post” for an HoP to decide they aren’t going to stand at their desk for two hours straight, or for any heads of staff to be on high alert and join in with saving the station late into a round.

Security are the primary defenders of the station. Heads of staff are the secondary defenders.

You spent a great deal of the round being extraordinarily hostile and antagonistic (not self-antag, the more general meaning of the word) toward the HoP as well, following them around and bordering on OOC IC trying to order them around and tell them what to do. It’s no surprise they returned that hostility/aggression to some extent.

Report rejected.