Rouge NPS Mentor App (Reapply.)

Your CKEY: RougeNPS

Your Discord: N/A

How long have you been playing ss13?: August of 2019

Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?: Probably a lot of the current and former mentor staff who were mentors about 6~ months ago since i got burned out of SS13. Not sure of anyone in particular.

Game Experience (More Detailed): I play in pretty much every department and know most roles very well except for some of the more recent changes. I dont know Viro, Chem, or Toxins very well still. Relearning Atmos Tech again since i learned everything on Monstermos and have to relearn the new (Old.) system. See my original mentor app for more information.

Additional Information: I have time again and im interested in playing again. Ask me anything that isnt Viro or Toxins. And yeah…my playtime is a bit unusual but i stick to what i like to do mostly.

Obligatory Playtime Screenshot(s):


Good variety in there!

  1. Someone mhelps while you’re the only mentor on, with free time on your hands in round, they ask “Can I maxcap the bridge??” What do/say?

  2. Someone mhelps “is durathread jumpsuit better than all the others??”

  3. Are there any ways to survive the station nuke?

  4. How do I make batteries in botany?

  5. Where and how do I get the parts to make a hygiene bot?

There may be a few trick questions in here :slightly_smiling_face:

1: I would say no, please do not do that.

2: I wouldnt say all the others. In terms of brute and burn protection yes, but not against other forms of damage. You can check a clothing items protection stats by examining it and checking the protection tag.

3: Be off station. Edit: Thats the only one i know of for certain.

4: I believe you need to grow potatoes or some plant with the capacitance trait and i think some other components. I dont remember exactly since i do not do it often.

5: Normally you would ask robotics. In the event there is none or they are unresponsive for some reason, search for or make a bucket (Made in autolathe.) , a robotic arm (Harder to get to, medical surplus box in surgery and the medical protolathe have them, ask medical staff.), a prox sensor (Can be made from autolathes.) Unless you mean the bot we dont have which is only on TG that showers people. Hygiene bot could mean that or the normal clean bot depending upon preferred teminology.

  1. you are playing doctor, only doctor in medical until you get an mhelp “can I maxcap medbay to kill a target?”

  2. how do you get rainbow flowers?

  3. “what are those weird glowing plants in lavaland?”

overall assistant hours a bit low but wouldn’t mind giving you a plus one

1: I would say no, please dont. Mentors cant act on mhelp knowledge and thus i wouldnt act in game even if i suspected he would actually do it. If he did i would likely ahelp the matter to add that he did in fact ask and was told not to but did so anyway and knew what he was doing was wrong and not an accident.

2: Been a bit since i play botany so im going to assume you are referring to Ambrosia Gaia which if that is true then you need to mutate Ambrosia Vulgaris until it becomes Gaia. Dont overmutate as it might revert back to Vulgaris. Have had that happen to me on occasion.

3: I am not familiar w/some of the new stuff on Lavaland so i cant really say what they do all i know is that they are plants, you probably shouldnt eat them w/out asking the chemist first.

I have been playing assistant more recently, the past few rounds i have played have been assistant. Soviet Maint Cat.


20 characters.

Past year’s activity

The following mhelps come in, how do you respond?

  1. hey so the top bars of my screen seem to be missin the ones just below rules wiki changelog ect and i dunno why
  2. Anyway to make IV drips?
  3. so where do dead bodies go lost in space?
  4. what is the emp recipe?
  5. what does "Discordant whispers flood your mind in a thousand voices. Each one speaks your name, over and over. Something horrible has been released." mean

tell them to ahelp rules questions

nope rainbow flowers are from cargo

the new way to get strange seeds

overall I’ll stay neutral until more questions are asked

Yeah i dropped off playing. I got burned out. I was a former mentor. There was a stepping down thread i made awhile ago.

1: Try reconnecting or reloading fancy chat. I believe that is the problem.
2: As far as i am aware there is not but it could be in the build menu of iron rods.
3: Normally they go to a different z-level or circle around depending upon the direction they were sent.
4: Which EMP are you trying to make? Chemical or plant based?
5: I believe that is a lavaland boss, Legion.

1: Alright.
2: Ah ok. I did not know specifically what you were referring to. Sorry.
3: I wasnt aware of the new change. I havent played botany yet and mostly ignore plants as miner.

As i said i dropped off playing for months and havent gotten caught back up. Maybe reapplying was a bad idea. Shrugs

Ah, the guy I mentored with is back! It’s been a while.

I will give you a +1, but I really want you to put a few rounds into our new explorer role that was added while you were gone.

@RogueNPS deal?

Aight. Deal. I tried i think two rounds already. One the shuttle exploded. The other one was a good round until cult took over the station. The objectives are fun unless its VIP. Then its not fun.

  1. Tell them to ahelp instead

  2. That works for me :sunglasses:

  3. You can use the fridge in the kitchen too!

  4. Pretty close, you also need electrical activity :slight_smile:

  5. I meant the shower ones, which was a trick question because as far I’m aware, we have them still but you have to get an admin to give you one of the parts to actually make them.

I’m going to remain neutral on this one for now pending more questions, but I’m glad to see your interest! :>

1: Yeah i know that now.

3: Good reference meme.

4: Right.

5: I didnt even know we had them originally because i have never seen them on Bee.

  1. Correct
  2. You can’t build them, but you can order more from cargo
  3. They will only circle around post supercruise update
  4. I don’t believe a plant EMP exists, unless you just mean combining them using separated chemicals, which was removed a few months ago.
  5. Correct

I personally see a clear lack of familiarity with new content, which mentors are supposed to be on the ball with. That is one of the areas that questions are most frequently asked about. Because of this, I will be giving this application a -1

T: 0

Application withdrawn.