[RolfaloMarkle] banned by [joelogbybolb]


Admin’s CKEY:

Ban Type:

Ban Length:

Ban Date (YYYY/MM/DD/):

Round ID:

Ban Reason:
Likely griefer

Appeal Reason:
I don’t even know what I did, “likely griefer” that’s an extremely vague and ridiculous reason to perma ban someone. I want to know what was going on in this admins head when they decided to ban me…

Additional Information:
Up until this point I was just waiting for the escape shuttle. then I got banned out of nowhere without warning.

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This is usually used to denote situations where a player is:

  • On a brand new byond account (yours was created last year, though your first connection was today)
  • Showing that they are already very familiar with the game, which indicates it is not their first account
  • Are making items which are damaging at a large scale such as bombs, attacking players indiscriminately or otherwise sabotaging the station in some way.

What job were you and what did you do in the round before the ban seemingly came out of nowhere?

It’s entirely possible the admin accidentally clicked the wrong name and you were simply adjacent to the intended target as well.

I was an assistant, I was figuring out how to do random stuff. The only thing I remember doing that was bad is I had a toolbelt with full tools which I didn’t know wasn’t allowed at the time, an I immediately removed them after another admin told me too. He was cool with me after I think too. I was going around just talking to people and I even saved the botanist by carrying them to medical after they were attacked.

EDIT: and nothing of interest happened after, I just went to wait for the escape shuttle and I come back after being afk for only like a minute, only to find myself banned

I banned you because you monkeybombed medbay with the gene monkeys, in a xenos situation, and with the chaos of the whole round I didn’t want to risk you griefing on the shuttle too. Why did you make so many monkeys?

I will admit, I did spawn monkeys. But I didn’t do it with the intention to grief, I just figuring out how it worked. I didn’t mean to spawn so many, besides after I accidentally spawned them, at the time I didn’t think they were causing a problem. And what was I going to do in the shuttle? I had nothing on me to do anything? It just sounds like you reached for any reason to ban someone. couldn’t you have watched me or something, you would have seen I wasn’t doing anything!

EDIT: and does spawning monkeys REALLY constitute a perma ban? that’s a bit much for such a small mistake.

Looked intentional to me, you don’t just accidentally pull out all the cubes from a box then apply water to it.

There’s plenty of ways to grief the shuttle without anything on you

Yes and no. During a xenos situation spawning a bunch of monkeys in medbay can be seen as wanting to assist them since you’re just giving them more resources to burst out of. Didn’t have much faith in you because you just said “not my problem” after making them. Anyways, I sent you to the forums, I didn’t give you a full permaban, which would require a full year before appealing.

Since you bothered to write an appeal, I’ll lift this, but keep in mind further actions that might be seen as grief will be punished much more harshly.