Robustness tips

  • Aim for the head on harm intent. Harm intent is more accurate on which limb you want to hit than disarm. Also aiming for the head when a few requirements are met will start slitting the throat of someone. I usually avoid this by targeting eyes, which still hits the head. stratch that im retarded

  • Stun weapons are goooood, especially because people move quite fast on this server. If not, something that makes spessman horizontal asap.

  • Alt click fire extinguishers to empty them on the floor. It makes a tile temporarily slippery and is epic when used in maint.

  • You can attach c4/x4 to throwing weapons (bola)

  • Sleepy pens can be refilled with different chems

  • Dissonant shriek (EMP) can replace Mute Sting as a ling (disables headsets)

  • Conversate to distract.
    Anteg: “Hello officer whos the valids?”
    Sec: starts typing
    Anteg: whips out meat scepter stun baton

  • As sillycon, mash that overload button on APCs to completely drain the power out of it

  • Stay away from walls, one disarm will cuck you

  • As cult, you can use ghosts from the spirit realm rune to help you do offerings

(more when i think of more to add)


aim for the head

usually aiming for eyes with harm intent is best but if someone is on meth go for legs first

I don’t even have HOP unlocked here yet

I knew most of these, but the bola thing is new. Going to have fun trying that.

Hot plasma + Cool Oxygen = boom TTV

Aiming for the mouth actually gives you a chance to stun people, although it’s a soft stun. (The one where you can still crawl but you drop what you’re holding)

Knockdown, kerbin.

Word on the street- aint seen it myself- is that bashing someone in the mouth with a fist can knock em out

Dont want to be a necromancer, but as a /tg/ fork this is really good “” and also, groin damage is strongest, head is for stun.