Ro5490 Moderator Report

CKEY: JayHays

Your Discord: JayHays#9494

Offender’s CKEY: Ro5940

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A.

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 7/23/2022

Round Number: 39479

Rules Broken (if relevant): Ro claims I valid-hunted and gave me a note for it. I did not valid hunt in any way.

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): Not sure?

Incident Description: The round appeared to be going okay. I joined 7 minutes late as HoP, saw we had no cargo, did a bit of work there. Went back to my office and found the door emagged, also found AI upload door emagged so we confirmed traitors. I went back to working and some time into the round I found myself walking down to medbay. (Mind you were are on Meta). As I am sitting in an empty medbay I hear a scream in maintenance so I go to investigate. I wander around a bit until I get down to virology maint door where I see it open.

I then see the CMO and her staff, and some sec inside who appear to be talking. I then ask what is going on, and then one of the medbay staff locks herself in a room with a sec officer and starts robusting. At this point I prepare my weapon, but I do not pursue the person killing the seccie. I then start to exit the area via the other door and the CMO, Milly, shoots me with a laser gun. I then return fire in self defense and flee back to northern medbay

I head up to the security room in medbay to charge a laser gun for any arriving sec and the borg inside shocks the door and beats me to death with a fire extinguisher.

I then get pinged by Ro a minute later asking why I attacked the CMO, to which I respond the CMO attacked me first. Ro then asked what I was doing down there and I told him I heard a single scream from medbay and went to investigate.

Ro told me what I was doing was valid-hunting and at that point I completely disagreed with him. I didn’t go looking for a fight, I went looking to help a crewmember in distress whom I didn’t even know was being attacked. When I arrived at Viro I felt at ease since the CMO was there and I figured everything was okay. I had no way of knowing the people inside of viro including the CMO were antags until one of the sec started getting robusted about 30 seconds after my arrival. Not even 30 seconds later the CMO is shooting at me with lethals so I grab my PTSD gun and shoot back but run out of lasers so I flee the area shortly after. How do you mean to tell me this is valid-hunting.


Might I add that HOP arrived into virology clueless about what happened and just saw medical staff standing on top of a dead seccie like nothing happened.

After a good 20 seconds the CMO opened fire at the hop(their aim was really off).

the only reason why hop managed to escape is because of this table blocking off the attackers from fisting them

Is the HOP not allowed to use their PTSD gun for self defence ?

ghost gang seen it all


Nobody implied that the HoP isn’t allowed to defend themselves using their gun.

The point of contention is whether or not they should even be investigating random screams from maintenance in the first place as they aren’t security.

Actual round is ‘39478’.

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you are allowed to investigate whatever you feel like

the only thing is you arent allowed to actively seek to fight antags as a non-combat role (example. you hear [Common] Vlad hunt yells: “SUSSY BAKA THE CLOWN IS A LING IN MED MAINT HELP!!!” and proceed to run there asap as a non sec or non cmo (heads can defend their departments (normal dep jobs can too) yes it includes department maints).

if you hear a scream you can take a look ask what the hell call sec and defend yourself if le antag decides to try to kill you (if there was an antag instead of some lizard stubbing his toe)

its a normal shift and you are just clocking in another boring day at the job… immediately going scream = antag murdering someone is meta as fuck.

anyway thats my take on this.


Alrighty. Apologies for the huge delay but here it is.

After looking into this we’ve more or less decided that this is borderline IC. If you had stood there and fought, then that would’ve been a whole different story. If you hear a human scream then it is fine to look if someone needs help. But you are not security so you should not engage in combat but rather run away and call sec if you see the murderer/witness an antagonist etc. Which is more or less what you did here. You did not engage and retreated instead.

Obviously it is alot harder to get a good feeling for the round as a whole, purely with the logs. We did overall consider this to be an IC issue.
Which means the note will be removed and @ro5490 will be informed about the outcome of this report.

Thank you for the report!

Report accepted