RiqueGamePlays Player Report

CKEY: SynergyJohn

Your Discord: SynergyJohn#7592

Offender’s CKEY: RiqueGamePlays

Offender’s In-Game Name: Julias Wright

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/28/2021

Round Number: 34354

Rules Broken:
Rule 1.1: You must roleplay. You’re a professional working for a major corporation. Act like you want to keep your job.
Rule 1.3: Follow Space Law and the Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Heads of Staff are expected to enforce SOP within their department.

Rule 1.7: (Unsure) Use a lore-friendly name, and follow Naming Guidelines for your species.
Rule 3: Do your job.
Rule 12.1: Your underlings are much more expendable to NT than you are. Heads of Staff generally should not abandon their post unless there is a pressing need to do so.

Incident Description: Julius spawned in roundstart as the Research Director (and only Command member), and then said in Command comms “Man, I signed up as borg”, I was the AI so I just went with it saying “You are organic sir, you cannot be hired as a cyborg” and then immediately after, he stripped himself of all his gear, put it in his logger, and went in maintenance to commit suicide (without the suicide verb).
I then tasked medical with finding him in maintenance and they did, reviving him after a bit, it was at this time a Chief Medical Officer signed up and was informed of the situation. The CMO said he was going to give a psych eval to the Research Director and then he immediately jumped in disposals and ran away. Soon after, he was trying to hack into the maintenance by his office and shocked himself into crit.
At this time the CMO and I were fed up with him due to causing himself harm and since we had no security it was suggested to demote him to Assistant, and after that was done, he immediately ran to Robotics and asked to become a Cyborg, and after he did, he went around in the shift as a regular Cyborg trying to do things. Also his Cyborg name was the exact same as his character name.

Additional Information: Seems he was also the target of two antagonists including the Roboticist so that worked out nicely for their assassination.


I was witness to this behavior. Originally we heard an explosion in maintenance. There was a loaded gun and a welder found near his body. I was also in the previous round where I noticed that he was also a cyborg with a human name. I am not aware of how that came to be in the previous round, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.


I’ll go over this soon™ (sometime within the next few days).

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My “counterargument”

It was 7AM, I was half asleep and signed up as a high priority cyborg (RD in low/medium) but got assigned as RD instead. I proceeded to fucking kill myself out of disappointment in a 20 people server, but got revived and didn’t bother with speaking (The whole medical crew chalked it up as brain surgery dementia or something like that and I kinda played along with it)… I was laying down on my chair

I did not want to serve as someone I did not sign up as, but I got to be a borgo in the end and that made me happy.

By Race

  • Human: Normal human names, the kind that won’t raise an eyebrow if you chose to name your child. This applies to all other races that reference human names.
  • Fly: Same as the human naming guidelines
  • Apid: Human First name that starts with B, Flower last name. Names that resemble clever bee-puns or names involving buzzing.
  • Ethereal: First name is any celestial body or name that sounds like one (look into Greek/Roman mythology for inspiration if nothing else), Last name is two capital letters.
  • Felinid: Normal human names, though typically with Asian origins.
  • IPC: Robotic Acronyms or Model identification numbers consisting of 4-10 Numbers, letters and hyphens. Human names are not appropriate for IPCs.
  • Lizard: Hyphenated names describing some action, or two part hyphenated names following Ashwalker naming conventions. Naming convention is directly taken from Argonians of The Elder Scrolls franchise.
  • Oozeling : First name is almost any color, last name is any human surname ending in “son”.
  • Moth: Latin (or psuedo-latin) species name OR a Single word object, concept or event of some special significance to the character. Names containing “Moth” or “Lamp” are not permitted.
  • Plasmaman: First name is or sounds like a periodic table element, last name is Roman Numerals
  • Squidpeople: Any name that resembles a [lovecraftian horror], or any human name that works by changing the first few characters to Squ-

please let me know if you find cyborg thx ly

Closest to what AI and Borg are, but aight. To be fair i never seen/remember about naming policy on silicon.


Nearly every cyborg has a robotic name as a rule of thumb, I digress.
You got an extremely important role then immediately tried to suicide, your ID would have been left there and it causes an immense disruption to the round. As far as I’m aware you never even tried to ahelp to cryo and just did it because of that disappointment. The CMO then had to treat you like a child with a psych eval even leading to me turning off the disposal chute you were diving in so she could arrest you.
You had a gross neglect for the SOP and all rules regarding heads of staff.


You know what you are right. There are no official naming policies for cyborgs that I could find. Though it is very odd that you had a cyborg with a human name to begin with considering how the naming convention tends to be. My post was not to point out that you had a less than good name as a cyborg though. The post was meant to point out that you might exhibit a pattern of behavior that isn’t conducive to role play and the server rules. But we can put that aside for now.

I believe us as the medical crew thought you were having some kind of tantrum, as it is not normal for a head of staff to behave the way you did. Especially when you avoided most questions, but answered some. You were really trying to get your ID back though, asking about it a few times I believe. Not to mention the fact that after you were revived, I believe the CMO had to come and rescue you for burning yourself from electrical shock for trying to break into places.

This is what people actually saw you as. You clearly did not want to be in the role that you were in, but chose to take a disruptive path from removing yourself from that role so that you could get what you wanted. If you really wanted to be a borg, you should have ahelped, went to cryo, and then waited for a posibrain to be created so you could fill that role. Even that though would be in poor taste.

Instead you chose to violate SOP and were derelict of duty. Your other actions reinforced this.


A one-time occurrence on an incredibly low pop server, I’m sorry for the problems I caused but at the same time some of you took it too far.

Regarding the cyborg name: I rarely ever play as a posibrain, and in that server I had been MMI’d which is enough to claim a valid cyborg human name.

My own office in R&D

Hey look, I would’ve died either way!! At least I saved them the hassle of clicking me with a crowbar a couple of times, am I right.

You were attempting to hack the maintenance tunnel next to your office, that was the one with the maintenance panel open. All of this still spells out a gross neglect of the SOP and various other rules.