Rhinoking banned by superdork55

CKEY: rhinoking

Admin’s CKEY: superdork55

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Just beestation golden

Ban Type: Short ban

Ban Length: 2 days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 27/10/2019

Round ID: 8443

Ban Reason: Threw 2 large potassium and water grenades at bar, causing decent enough breaches, has been warned
in the past about this behaviour.

Appeal Reason: I am honestly sorry to all the players I may have killed with my grenade, as I ruined their round; I would
not want this sort of thing to happen to me. I also understand fully the consequences of my actions. I will not repeat this behaviour
in future rounds, and I have read the fules on the subject.

Additional Information: thanks for considering my appeal

The main reasoning for giving you a break from the server.

-You have been known to do this in the past.
-You have also been banned previously for this action causing a massive breach above the HoP’s office which required Admin tools to clean up.

You also stated after throwing the second grenade. ‘I hope I don’t get banned’ to your colleague. Which means you knew exactly what you were doing.

I can understand you were trying to teach someone the game as well, but science does have a bomb testing area for small explosives, you did it in a public area (bar) twice which depressurized the area and also limited a bartender from doing his work.

I’m going to allow other Administrators to chime in on your appeal and see what their opinions on this are.

Alright thanks man I understand

Since you have put some consideration into learning from your mistakes, I’ve decided to lift the ban early as a good gesture. Please refrain from doing this sort of behavior as a non-antagonist.