RG4ORDR banned by RukoFamicom

Admin’s CKEY:
Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:
Which server did the ban happen on?
Ban Type:
DSay/Server Ban
Ban Length:
3 day server ban/perma dsay ban
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):
2021-04-30 11:51
Round ID:
Ban Reason:
Toxic in deadchat, claims it’s tradition to tell someone to never play a role again when they’re bad.
Appeal Reason:
Sure, I was being slightly toxic.
I didn’t play that round because I had joined and went into observe when I noticed it was a 1 hour mark and half expected a shuttle call. Came back like forty-ish minutes later and was still going. Witnessed the lone op fail, and just engaged in some light trash talk. Said player even chimed back at me, but it didn’t exactly go past maybe a few loud words before Ruko decided that he desperately needed to intervene.

I’ve had worse interactions with Bee’s deadchat, and I do not see why this would warrant any form of punishment unless it was absolutely out of control.I understand that an admin might feel the need to intervene, but this is so minor that I even took a few hours to make the ban appeal.
Additional Information:
Reminds me of a DarkRP ban.

Now wait just a minute, I can’t speak for Ruko but:

Engaged in trash talk intentionally, not out of emotion. Essentially was mean to be mean.

you mean do his job?

ah yes, “someone else broke the rules and didn’t get caught so it’s okay i broke the rules” argument, it sure works everytime.

having been a darkrp admin, i haven’t the faintest idea what you mean.

Is the ban harsh? absolutely. is it without reason? definitely not. It’s clear to me as an impartial observer that Ruko engaged with you after aforementioned trash talk and you gave him grief about how it’s tradition. Ruko told you it was against the rules and that was not the time to go “well thats how it’s always done” it was time to go “kay, won’t happen again”. I am reserved in thinking you would have been so severely punished had you been more reticent about your ban.

Your attitude on discord and in this appeal alone shows you don’t care that what you did was wrong or harmful to the individual that you trash talked. I could tell from that much alone why Ruko had decided to perma dsay ban you.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t receive a dsay unban for as long as you believe (or act on the belief) that dsay is where trash talk happens. This is a newbie friendly server and while some people can take the gamer salt, you risk alienating new players acting the way you did. I personally think the dsay ban is enough, though, and as long as you can’t/won’t do it again the 3d ban should be lifted. That’s just my fifty cents.


he’s not wrong though, play golden

One sec I fucked up, trying to quote chain

Yeah, I’ve been on the end of it before it’s practically nothing new I’ve seen.

No it’s more of a comparison, if there are 3-4 admins on, and trash-talk occurs and nobody is punished then it sets an example.

DarkRP where the littlest amount of RP occurs, yet some how incurs some of the most stringent bans I’ve seen in all my hours of Garrysmod. My favorite such rule where “admin disrespect” is often used as cudgel. To essentially utilize words or perceived hostility to ban. Granted there is a level in which is actually becomes problematic but disagreeing with an admin should never warrant any form of punishment

Considering the very person I said that to retorted with.
“I’ll snap your neck you cunt.”
Then yeah, I do think my general attitude towards this is far more warranted than if I just wantonly began insulting everyone in deadchat, using ways to bypass the slur-filter and being an overall dogbrain about it, don’t you think? I don’t fault him for believing he needed to step in at all. However it was exceedingly minor, simply because I just disagreed that deadchat is a place where people more often than not have delivered varying degrees of trashtalk for even some of the simplest shit.

How about you go play on Golden?

How will I ever recover?
Regardless this is derailing the point of the thread and not being constructive.

That doesn’t mean staff can’t enforce the rules. Just because it’s an accepted standard in some communities and maybe even allowed by some staff here on Bee doesn’t mean it’s actually OK.

Staff inaction =/= acceptance. Staff reserve the right of discretion and can engage or intervene as fits their personal administrative style. Some staff may not put much weight into trash talk, some may. It sucks, but it’s part of the reality that is equipping staff with personal discretion.

I’ve seen “admin disrespect” misused as a rule break, but ultimately staff have been selected either by the community or existing staff team to carry and exhibit the standards set by the host. The reason “admin disrespect” is a common rule is to prevent the abuse that happens in today’s customer service from happening in a volunteer environment. If people could abuse staff the way store clerks get abused in the real world, it’d be difficult to staff servers. who wants to volunteer their time to moderate a place where they get pushed around and aren’t properly equipped with the power and authority necessary to make decisive actions?

yeah this is bad, mind, but the dude apologized for the overreaction and ultimately realizes it was wrong. you, on the other hand, aren’t appealing because you recognize what you did was wrong but because you disagree with the ban itself.

the disagreeing is the issue. Ruko wasn’t attempting to have a debate with you about it, he was telling you not to do it and you argued. where best to host an argument but in the very transparent public eye that is a ban appeal?


Well, that is actually true. Either way though: This appeal is pointless. Your ban will run out before the appeal is through. Also ruko won’t back out of this one as it is basically an opinion ban.
You can argue against it, but it is rather pointless.
I will delete my other comments though, as it is still a ban appeal and I should prolly keep my comments to a minimum.

Sure, the ban is a bit harsh, but you did trash talk someone for being a beginner on a beginner friendly server :pensive:

It’s more over that I disagreed with him and said it was tradition that people roast,insult, dunk on or suggest someone not play a role when they fail.

  1. Player1 fumbles nuclear operative horribly, suicides with bomb because they’re fucked
  2. Player2 tells them to never take the role again just to be an asshole, kicking someone while they’re already down.
  3. Player1 responds inappropriately, but out of emotion.
  4. Admin gets involved.
  5. Player1 is apologetic
  6. Player2 denies doing anything wrong and argues that it’s normal and okay.
  7. Player1 is released
  8. Player2 made it clear they would never stop, so they were permanently banned from dead chat which has no impact on their ability to play, and given a short fullban.
  9. Player2 even now in the appeal shows no sign of thinking there’s anything wrong with it.

Yeah I don’t see any reason to lift this. Being a dick to someone as soon as they fail because they failed is not welcome on a server for teaching people how to play the game.

I still need a second opinion to deny it, but that’s all this thread is waiting for right now.

Let’s look at some exact quotes. I LOVE exact quotes. hardly ever find a ban I write without one…

This is you, being bored by the fact you gambled and clicked the observe button.

[2021-04-30 10:39:53.693] ACCESS: Login: RG4ORDR from [REDACTED]
[2021-04-30 10:39:53.732] ACCESS: Mob Login: RG4ORDR/(RG4ORDR) was assigned to a /mob/dead/new_player
[2021-04-30 10:39:53.738] GAME: RG4ORDR/(RG4ORDR) Client RG4ORDR/(RG4ORDR) has taken ownership of mob RG4ORDR(/mob/dead/new_player) (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2021-04-30 10:40:12.032] GAME: no key/(RG4ORDR) no key/(RG4ORDR) is no longer owning mob RG4ORDR(/mob/dead/new_player) (start area (8, 174, 1))
[2021-04-30 10:40:12.032] ACCESS: Mob Login: RG4ORDR/(ghost) was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
[2021-04-30 10:40:12.051] GAME: RG4ORDR/(ghost) Client RG4ORDR/(ghost) has taken ownership of mob the ghost(/mob/dead/observer) (Central Primary Hallway (113, 141, 2))
[2021-04-30 10:42:36.659] ACCESS: Logout: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji)
[2021-04-30 10:42:36.661] GAME: RG4ORDR[DC]/(Sirin Berzinji) RG4ORDR[DC]/(Sirin Berzinji) is no longer owning mob Sirin Berzinji(/mob/dead/observer) (Medbay Central (153, 104, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:19:39.507] ACCESS: Login: RG4ORDR from [REDACTED]
[2021-04-30 11:19:39.508] ACCESS: Mob Login: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
[2021-04-30 11:19:39.527] GAME: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) Client RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) has taken ownership of mob Sirin Berzinji(/mob/dead/observer) (Medbay Central (153, 104, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:20:13.747] ACCESS: Logout: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji)
[2021-04-30 11:20:13.748] GAME: RG4ORDR[DC]/(Sirin Berzinji) RG4ORDR[DC]/(Sirin Berzinji) is no longer owning mob Sirin Berzinji(/mob/dead/observer) (Robotics Lab (172, 125, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:31:59.240] ACCESS: Login: RG4ORDR from [REDACTED]
[2021-04-30 11:31:59.241] ACCESS: Mob Login: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
[2021-04-30 11:31:59.257] GAME: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) Client RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) has taken ownership of mob Sirin Berzinji(/mob/dead/observer) (Robotics Lab (175, 119, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:32:33.027] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “This is like a greenshift round and it’s still going” (Xenobiology Lab (169, 101, 2))

This is you, observing and eating your popcorn.

[2021-04-30 11:44:22.622] GAME: [REDACTED] has primed a syndicate bomb at Aft Maintenance (146, 104, 2) for detonation (Payload: bomb payload). (Aft Maintenance (146, 103, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:44:50.934] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Finally some action” (Starboard Quarter Maintenance (163, 86, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:46:22.385] GAME: The syndicate bomb that [REDACTED] had primed detonated!
[2021-04-30 11:46:27.528] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Lmao” (Chief Medical Officer’s Office (158, 95, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:46:32.808] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Borg was right there” (Aft Maintenance (162, 95, 2))

This is you, getting angry at bad observervision

[2021-04-30 11:49:00.162] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “The fuck is he doing?” (Atmospherics (131, 90, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:24.068] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Fluke op” (Atmospherics (132, 94, 2))

This is you, being a twat in dsay and essentially telling the headmin to fuck off.

[2021-04-30 11:49:28.115] GAME: [REDACTED] has died (BRUTE: 13, BURN: 0, TOX: 0, OXY: 0, CLONE: 0) (Atmospherics (132, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:28.135] ACCESS: Mob Login: [REDACTED] was assigned to a /mob/dead/observer
[2021-04-30 11:49:28.152] GAME: [REDACTED] Client [REDACTED] has taken ownership of mob Levi Max International(/mob/dead/observer) (Atmospherics (132, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:29.488] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Literally that bad” (Atmospherics (132, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:37.511] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “[REDACTED] you need to never select that ever again” (Atmospherics (132, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:40.471] SAY: [REDACTED] (DEAD) “shut up cunt” (Atmospherics (133, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:57.007] SAY: [REDACTED] (DEAD) “ill fucking snap your neck ye cunt” (Atmospherics (133, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:49:59.501] SAY: [REDACTED] (DEAD) “gotcha” (Atmospherics (133, 94, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:50:00.343] ADMIN: DSAY: RukoFamicom/(Darin Ahmed) “Really uncalled for Sirin” (Atmospherics (142, 85, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:50:02.474] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Oh the little man mad that he fucking got caught and took 15 minutes trying to flood plasma” (Atmospherics (135, 92, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:50:12.134] ADMIN: DSAY: RukoFamicom/(Darin Ahmed) “but still, chill the response” (Atmospherics (142, 85, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:50:19.015] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Calling out bad ops is tradition” (Atmospherics (135, 89, 2))
[2021-04-30 11:50:33.748] ADMIN: RukoFamicom/(Darin Ahmed) checked the individual player panel for RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji).
[2021-04-30 11:50:40.019] SAY: RG4ORDR/(Sirin Berzinji) (DEAD) “Nah it’s still is here” (Atmospherics (130, 75, 2))

Overall what it seems like to me is that you were sad you clicked the observe button rather than join (funny enough join tells you if the shuttle is on the way), and then tried to take your frustration at bad TV out on another player. We welcome constructive criticism here. “Never sign up for antag again” is not constructive.

Eat your popcorn in silence, keep the ban.