Respawn banned Ckey:Raymond Elliot

Id like to get my respawn thing unbanned I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to fight back my master if he tried to kill me that was my fault next time I won’t be so careless of who I fight especially if I respawn and they are my master I apologize just please reduce it.

When you rejoin the server, copy the ban text and provide your CKEY and banning admin (Both of which can be explained on how to be found on the format page) aswell as following this format “Ban Appeals Format and Policies”. Right now I have absolutely no idea what your talking about, and admins cant check the logs too see what happened.

the thing is it doesnt say WHO banned me it just says job banned

Your CKEY is all admins need too check logs, go on byond, click home on the top tab and look at the name next too “| Logout or Manage Account”

Nevermind, woops, didn’t see the title edit

1 Minute ago, good job. :+1: :cowboy_hat_face:

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