Report on xyzzy#2467 for sexual harassment, impersonation, and other toxic behaviors

Your Discord: ZoeyTheZany#3439

Offender's Discord:  xyzzy#2467

Rules Broken: Harassment outside of game which is against the rules   harassment is of sexual nature and  impersonation. 

Incident Description:  I recieved a random friend request from this user and didn't recognize them so I wanted to see what they wanted.    It turns out they are a member of Bee and this lead to a very unpleasant time despite remaining kind throughout.   I will end this with picture proof of the entire conversation start to finish.

Additional Information:  I request this user be banned for their actions.    

I also request a investigation if any other parties were involved with this. I should not expect to be harassed in any manner from anyone.

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My fucking god. Could you provide screenshots with their full Discord ID for confirmation please?

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This is just messed up. That dude should be banned from the discord server. Harassing someone like this is a big deal


661085730684141569 is their discord ID I’m not sure how to properly screenshot that as I can only copy and paste it by clicking on their name. I can give you their profile in the mean time though.!

more evidence|690x485

Just click on their icon while you’re in the conversation and take a screenshot of that. I meant example#1234 as full ID.

Oh okaies hun.

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Dealt with. Closing report.

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