Replace The Prayer Feature

Remove prayer from a clickable button and replace it instead with a single use item that the priest gets that when used, sends a single message through prayer. This keeps players from just abusing the prayer feature.

what keeps players from abusing the feature is the fact that praying admemevalids you. have you NEVER got a fireball to the face? great times.


single use? thats a really dumb idea as most chaplains use the prayer function quite alot

Praying can grant you great boons… or drop three cat surgeons on top of you.

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Someone please put this in hall of shame


wait isnt this the guy who applied for admin after 4h on bee ?


He is.

Also the guy who’s an unironic facist, keeps calling people salty whilst they have coversations about gamemodes and calls everybody who disagrees with him a troll

Echoing @BarrelBox, prayers are already balanced by the fact that they make you valid for admin abuse. Good admins playing god know that not every prayer deserves to be answered, and demanding prayers deserve to be smited.