Remove the syndicate lavaland base

It serves no real purpose other than being a giant lootbox for miners or a deathtrap, all of the walls are regular ones, which means a single RCD can break an expensive outpost easily. Tcomms Agent is nice but I don’t think it’s worth keeping him as he doesn’t have much to talk abt. Best the science team can do is make deadly viruses and grenades (which most of them aren’t going to be used due to the lack of reinf walls and the testing chamber not being made for explosion tests) I think its better to get it removed TBH


Can we just ban this guy, unironically. He’s spamming the forums.


Modern day Michiru

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He actually posted in suggestions this time, it’s not bait.

Why would you want to remove a ghost role? you can chill with your syndicate buddies and rarely meet some dumb miner that will attempt to go against your sniper rifle.

Also theres no reason for syndicate lavaland base crew to engage the station crew or the opposite so I fail to see the problem with them existing in some round


Is this how honest forum posters get treated like :confused:

I get your the new schizoposter but you are shitposting too much


gamer loot and street cred, AI combat disky was moved to Syndie vault last time I checked. 100% metagaming reasons but yeah…

Non antag getting actual syndicate contraband, not even miner loot?
Sounds like a breaking server rules issue.

Sounds like c*ders doing dumb decisions issue.

There, I pointed out all the problems with lavaland syndicate base and none of them are player related but are easily fixed

I have seen miners just rushing the outer walls and breaching the vault with what seemed like zero provocation. whole base could use some reinforcing…

Better than where the disk was before… In the undefended Ashwalker village


I think we need a containment thread for this guy.


“I dont like people having fun and would like to turn the game into even more bland than unseasoned chicken”

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The schizoposter that posts twice as fast posts half as long.

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