Remove gas miners or fix them (or whatever the hell is causing this lag)

this fucking shit makes the game SO LAGGY. idk about mrp but on lrp, after like 1 hr the round is literally unplayable. you slip on soap and youre on the flor for about 3 minutes. scrubbers even goes on for like 15 minutes. its SO FUCKING BAD REMOVE IT

the air scrubbers have been shitting for at least 20 minutes on the current round. please god remove the gas miners or I piss and shit my pants

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round finally ended
someone shot a fuel tank on the shuttle. it took 5 whole seconds to explode
the scrubber event went on for like 30 minutes, expanding 1 tile every 5 minutes or so
you slip on soap and you’re on the floor for like 3 minutes
someone walked onto the emergency shuttle after it flew away
end of round swag happened, and it was the matrix. the bullets were moving at like, 0.2 tiles per second

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Please remove those things. It takes like two seconds to move just a single tile with that lag…

This one is my favorite by far.

I’m really curious why this is happening primarily on LRP though.


because we dont call shuttle after sm delams


weird, cus i dont seem to have any lag? could this just be a lrp thing?

a player made a monkey lag machine that round, THEN the gas mining happened. it was honestly kind of funny though

Can confirm it lags on LRP too, makes runechat appear about 2 minutes afterwards (although its not confirmed to be gas miners I highly suspect it is them due to the shear amount of calculations it will be producing since it updates pretty regularly)

I would also like to point out these have existed on lavaland for ages in the syndie base and never caused issues before

kowalski, I need answers

@AVASheep monkey lag machine explain pls

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ya but wasnt there only like 2 on the lavaland base? idk how many there is in atmos bc i dont really play engi

I believe there is 6