Remove fugu gland and the blobbernaught from xenobio

thats all basically.
fugu gland makes simpel mobs ( who can be player controlleD) extra tanky and allow them to break down walls includign r-walls with ease.
you can also only get it from xenobiology who can make simpel mobs who they can make palyer controlled.
Fro the blobbernaught mostly because of Blob


Technically, you can also get it by going to asteroids and hunting for the tendrils that spawn Fugus.


i have never seen a tendril thats spawns fungus.

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Only on asteroids.

As a compromise, maybe a “Lesser Fugu” that can spawn through xenobio that increases the sprite size but not their damage potential or HP?
Only because making Lᴀʀɢᴇ Iᴀɴ is such a treasured event.


It’s a bunch of effort to get a cool powerful simplemob minion. (That isn’t even that strong, simplemobs are weak as hell.) why go out of your way to make the game worse?


If anything they shouldn’t be able to destroy r-walls and that should be fine


I don’t think they need a nerf at all, tbh.

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What did the fugu do to you wue
This is a safe place
You can tell us

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to me nothing but i seen the fugu gland be used as a cheap way to make a tanky and r-wall breaking ( like 2-3 hits if i remeber) simple mob you can make sentient

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remove blobbernaut only then.
adjust fugued mob to destroy walls just as fast as hulk
My undeniable argument: Making something big=funny


I agree to this Polish man.

Thank god this was rejected. Neither Fugu glands or blobbernauts were busted at all, outside of some fuckery between blobs and independent blobbernauts.


I’m just gonna repost what I said in the PR, so someone else can take up the torch with a more measured approach:


well the blobbernaught has the problem for blob that the blob cant hurt it at all ( only other blobbers can) but the xenobio blobber can harm the blob itself.

Id consider that an expoit… its not powerful because it hits hardest or has the most HP, its powerful because theres little counterplay for a blob. Im honestly surprised it isnt more common…

They arent blocked by blob mesh, so they can just walk straight up to the core and destroy it.

Fugu just needs the same wall bash mechanic as space dragon… I dont see why station mobs, no matter how juiced, should be more destructive than that.

This should be blocked via code imo, would stop griefer blobbernauts too (which are a rarity, but still)

Turf integrity has removed the insta wall deletion now anyway.