Religion/ Holy Book Improvement Thread

Well, here we go. As mentioned yesterday in the sect thread, here are my ideas on how to flesh out the choices chaplain can do with his holy book/choice of Religion.
I would like to keep the more drastic effects to sect as well, giving that sects are built upon multiplayer interactions and have more of a “quest reward” flavor. This is more a choice for fluff and roleplay.

Stays the same. This is the basic religion after all.
Potential new effect: Gives you the ability to grant yourself wings after blessing x amount of tiles on the station.

Your presence improves the mood of people around you. It also actively reduces the time it takes for people around you to stop being addicted to drugs. Clearness of mind and body.

Your mood is always perfect.
If you bash someone with your holy book you heal them but the negative side effect is the same as with radiation mutations.
Also stepping on blood slowly heals you over time.
( I have ideas for 4 different chaos sects, but I will post that in the other thread later)

There is a very small chance for people around you to slip. Getting honked at improves your mood.

You get the language choice of [redacted] and people around you slowly lose their mood/sanity if you speak it, including yourself.
There is a miniscule chance per minute for one of your missing arms to be replaced with a tentacle.

Cow meat poisons you. You can change your skin colour to blue every 5 minutes.

Being exclusively near your own gender increases your mood. Standing on certain graffiti may cause you to yell “Pride!”

Being near other races other than humans slowly lowers your mood. Praying at your chapel recovers partly your health and increases your mood, but if you do it too often you go insane.
You can not lose your mood any other way.

Spraying holy water has a low chance to carpet the ground. Your mood is greatly improved if you can see the blackbox.

Pork gibs you. Standing near reinforced walls increases your mood over time. You also get +1% income.

You start with severe ■■■■■■ation. You can gibber netspeak, but doing so gives you severe cellular damage.
(Why would you ever choose this you masochist?)

Bananas heal you over time. Getting implants turns you insane. You can also speak with monkeys!

Hugging people slowly heals them over time. You walk a little bit faster if you visit 3 different departments in a short amount of time, for a short amount of time.

If you bash a pasta meal with your holy book it becomes filled with holy water. You also heal when consuming spaghetti.

Your mood can not get bad from too much weed. Negative side effects in your weed get reduced. Your holy book also contains a sample.

Standing on runes or graffity improves your mood. Seeing fire improves your mood. You have constant hallucinations.

The more things your station has researched the better your mood gets. You bashing someone with your book has a very low chance of giving them a random augmentation.

The more people wear your cult robes the more your mood increases. You feel ecstatic when abducted and experimented on by Aliens.

Your holy book is an empty toolbox. If you fill it with all unique tools you heal brute damage from time to time. Airlocks have a very low chance of shocking you if you hack them, regardless of you being insulated.
Your mood also gets worse if you are in brig.

Improved mood around felinids (not yourself). Your nullrod starts as a S.O.R.D.

Potential new religions:

Having a weak disease heals you over time. Medium disease deal less damage to you. You have phobias of spacelube and cleaning grenades.

Getting fat, music and dancing increase your mood (even further). You start with a random instrument in your bag. Not playing music, eating regularly or dancing gives you cellular damage.

Your ID card tends to randomly change names. There is a small chance for you to learn teleport, but you lose your eyes for it. This bonus only exists as long as you are blind or do not have eyes.

Dragging things improves your mood. You have to say the word “powerlift” every 10 minutes or your limbs get disabled.

You start with 2 random phobias and a mental mutation. In return a random working progress quintuples in speed when you do it.

Being near gibtonite improves your mood. Gibtonite can not activate once you touched it. You are also starting with a random mental degeneration.

You believe beauty is a must. You have to change your haircut at least once every 10 minutes, else you lose some of your mood. Your holy book starts with a razor inside.

Being near pets or plants improves your mood pver time. You have a phobia of cargo workers and quartermaster.


This will probably never get merged even if someone codes it

Why? A lot of self antag potential in most of these like going crazy and mutations also the passive heals can be seen as powergaming so I would be REALLY surprised to see it on Sage

However this is a great idea that can work if we put more time into it, religions as of now are just bible reskins

Those are not necessarily self-antag tools. Going insane is if anything a debuff for yourself and almost no one wants mutations else they would chug unstable mutagen. I am not talking about a 50-50 out of positive and negative mutations here.
Mutations by this are handled like drinking unstable mutagen or bathing in radiation: The chance of you getting a positive mutation is around 1%.

Isn’t that mostly a question of how much they heal? The only ones in my examples that heal yourself are:

  • Nurgle
  • Toolboxia
  • Pastafarianism
  • Monkeyism
  • Imperium

Out of those I consider Imperium to be harmless, giving that is bound to a place, has a limited amount of uses and the perk itself has drawbacks to balance it out.
I feel like the main issue is that you think that those perks would heal a lot, I thought of something more akin to eating donuts as a security officer.

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This isn’t a PR this is a suggestion

this one is really funny

I finally get the joke but that is so unlikely it shouldnt be a thing.

It is intended to be something akin to the cooks chance to get “steamed ham” instead of hamburgers. A funny little interaction that does not really have impact either because it is so rare to happen or because it is rather harmless.
Remember, all the things impacting the round besides yourself and some RP are for sects.


I mean, I could see new sects being added in. That could be cool.