Reflecting on the rulings

Its been a while since new rulings were implemented so we can reflect on how it affected the game.

In some cases the game changed for the better like threspassing high sec areas and raiding armory making you valid and security/heads protection rules were definetly for the best.

Yet on the other hand i feel like new AA rules (and also locking the spare in the safe) and new antag murderbone rules affected the game flow alot on Golden and not in a positive direction.
I feel like every antag is forced to play extra stealthy due to murderbone rules and a lot of the rounds (especially when antags have mostly steal objectives) feel like extended where you are not affected (or dont even see any antags for the whole round) and left to do your thing.
Yes loud antags like cult and nukies provide more active gameplay but we barely ever see them on LRP (low pop moment).
While extended is fine on MRP (you get to rp on MRP) and its ok to have it once on a while on LRP it gets boring if most of the rounds are like extended.

LRP is supposed to be more action packed. It used to say Chaotic action packed low RP gameplay for new players on old Bee description. Now LRP is NRP with little action and MRP is LRP.

Im not really saying that bringing the old murderboning/AA rules back is the answer (maybe it is).
I think that making Dynamic a default mode and giving high pop antags higher chance to spawn (it sucks when the pop is above 30 and we get BBs or heretics again) on LRP would be a solution.


Merge LRP and MRP back together.


This is code not rule change

Unironically I see more rp on golden.

I agree about murderboning rules. Antags should have more freedom.


I’ve been saying Golden needs to run dynamic 24/7 for ages now.

The old murderboning rules were crap since the antags would often just kill everyone and the pop would suffer as a result.


I don’t mind murderboning per se, as long as the pop can deal with it. If there is only so few players online it is just a crappy move to remove most or all of them from the station/match.

I love that change. It changed a common problem ( speedrun tiding any % every single shift). Now people still tide for AA, but it takes people a bit longer and fewer people go for it.

At this point the playerbases between Golden and Sage are so different, you do not want them to merge.
Hell, imagine if sage admins ( sorry , you know it is true) would have to deal with classic Golden players 24/7. They would go either on a ban rampage or resign because the game philosophy and interests are fairly different.

I really like the changes.

Golden has no admins on for about 60% of the day. Merging the servers would be chaotic as hell for the admins and players, and several people on golden (not me) have a very “fuck Sage” mindset. Sage is cool for when you wanna play the game and actually play the game and try to roleplay. I play golden almost exclusively cause big brain and I enjoy it, but I rarely see anyone even attempt to RP instead running around saying “sex” or “get cum” (that’s a really annoying one) the entire round. Hell even the AI be usin vox to say just strings of silly random crapola, i love it.

Dynamic on golden or remove pop caps, i am NOT playing 6 man heretic ever again.

Yeah golden having higher threat dynamic rounds more often would be fun because sage steals all the players there’s a fairly low pop and I’ve never seen blood cult or clockcult on golden

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, we need a sliding scale or pop weighted gamemode selection.

Ah yes, I can not wait for gamemodes designed to threaten dozens of players to be used against Golden with a quarter of that number of players. So much fun… /s

It would be fine to be afraid of it if it wasnt already here, in the form of heretic. LITERALLY no popcap

Heretic is cult but in very weak.

Hell, imagine if sage admins ( sorry , you know it is true) would have to deal with classic Golden players 24/7. They would go either on a ban rampage or resign because the game philosophy and interests are fairly different.

I mean old Bee admins handled it somehow.

I remember old Bee 100+ people rounds when every round something interesting happened. Man these were the good times.

remember when bob killed the station for the 100th time with a toolbox? good times.

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You’re not playing 6 man heretic ever again, thankfully


oh im sorry, I think they meant 10 heretics on a pop of six

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