Really serious thread on ANTAG TOKENS

round ending antag
wins most of the time
can spendd antag token to be blob

malf ai
“round ending antag” only because it possesses doomsday device
is actually not that hard to kill
can’t spend antag token on

this is horseshit.

You’ve got a point.

20 character limit, nice.

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You can use antag token on blob? Since when?

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Good question, since when?

bro i asked for malf ai on 6 rounds in a row on LRP and they didn’t say no

they all got denied though because of round type as soon as the round starts

You can’t use a token to be blob, we have never allowed it.

yeeeeah i know those rounds. you CAN use them on malf ai, from what i’ve been told as long as you just say you want a T O T

ive used antag token on blob before
ive always been denied the ability to use token on malf ai

What the fuck? Who let you be blob for antag token?

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