Raphael2033 player report title already used moment

In-game report:

   Title: [Offender’s CKEY] Player Report
   CKEY: Archanial

   Your Discord: #

   Offender’s CKEY:  Raphael2033

   LRP or MRP server: LRP 

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Sky Nut (he was the AI)

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 08-14-2020

   Round Number: 19844

   Rules Broken: Self-antag

Incident Description: I spawn as engi. I do normal SM setup (straight pipes, minimalize pumps etc.). Later I hear SM going down quickly and I see chamber filled with plasma and co2. I go in to save it and in last effort I delete floor and stabilize it. I get space winded into SM and die. At this point I ahelp saying someone sabotaged my SM.
I respawn as posibrain. Get put into shell and chose engi module. AI yells at me to get into SM chamber. I come in fix hull breach in SM, reset filters to n2, deconnect pump from atmos and get some fresh n2 in. I save it from like 10%. I also reattached the atmos pump since the AI for some reason wanted it.
Later when I go to get repaired I hear AI say “save SM it’s going tesla”. I go back in. SM on fire, ohshit. Shit ton of co2. Filters set to co2 only. I detach the atmos pump (which was turned on and I know it was pumping co2 in) and start pumping fresh n2 in. Every time I do that AI opens the chamber and releases all new gas into space. I get angry and start screaming at it. It screams back to attach atmos pump again. In that moment I realized AI was griefing the SM and I was uterly fucked. I screamed rogue AI on comms shortly before I got detonated.

Additional Information: SM did delam later. Sumter responded to my ahelp and defended AI (why?) saying stuff like “standard setup can support co2”. No it fucking can’t. It’s hard as fuck to make setup that supports pure co2. AI made it delam at least 2 times. If you don’t know how to setup SM and don’t know what gasses do mentor help instead of blowing it up.
It’s worth to add that AI was on pure asimov whole round. AI should be focused on preventing harm and helping humans instead of doing shitty experiments with SM.

Please don’t let it sit for 30 days like my other reports.

Also a few quotes from our silicon policy:

A slaved cyborg must defer to its master AI on all law interpretations and actions except where it and the AI receive conflicting commands they must each follow under their laws.
I, under law 1, disobeyed AI to try to save SM.

If your cyborg is forced to disobey you as an AI due to laws, you may not punish them indefinitely.
no need to comment on that one.

Do not declare silicons rogue over their inability or unwillingness to follow invalid or conflicting orders the way you perceive them.
Don’t fucking call me rogue just because I don’t wrench pump that kills SM.

Obviously unreasonable and obnoxious orders are against the rules and may be ignored.
I’d say order to delam SM is pretty unreasonable.

As a non-antagonist, detonating or killing cyborgs with no justifiable cause or fear of subversion is against the rules, especially if another viable solution exists.
Lock me down? hello?

I would also like to ask @Sumter why did he only note the AI and uphold it’s detonation since it conflicted with silicon policy and was not valid.

Report accepted.

Given previous history of atmos/SM fuckery, 3 day Engineering/Silicon ban.

Blew a borg for not obeying them quickly enough, and for not obeying their specific methods of fixing the SM, which would’ve been unclear (Wanted to add more Co2 and cool it vs adding N2 and cooling it on an SM that was already delamming).

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I argued with him on ooc and it seemed like he was sure co2 was safe, so please add a note to this ban explaining that this is not the best cooling solution and he should use mentorhelp if he’s unsure how to setup the SM correctly.

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