Rangomanta Banned by Haliris

Title: Rangomanta Banned by Aliris

Ckey: Rangomanta

Admin Ckey: Haliris

Ban type: Global

Ban length: Permanent

Ban date: 2022-12-27

Round ID: 41982

Ban reason: As non-antag chef, hoarded syndicate weapons they found and used them to kill two traitors and gib them. Disconnected before I could bwoink,

Appeal reason: im gonna try to explain what happened. We were two chefs and we did a prank on a moth ( A traitor) then we went back to the kitchen and passed a lot of time there then the moth came with another traitor. the other chef previously took a throwing stuff box and threw the stuff at one of the traitors critting them i went to the fridge and i asked a mentor if i could gibb the body. and here i wanna explain that i didnt gibbed the body i placed it on a fridge. when all of that happened i bringed the chef to medical because he was hurt in the operating room the moth came with a gun and gunned the medical officer and me thats when i died. Then after 5 or 15 minutes after i dont renember so good i left
because i needed to do something

Additional information: when the two traitors went to the kitchen used a sleepy pen on us. thanks for everything and sorry if i made any trouble

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I don’t recall anything too eggregious, but this was definitely a messy situation that I needed to get cleared out with you live.

Don’t mess with tots unless you have proper IC reasons, and don’t hoard their loot to game with them, remain in character, try to get security involved or do something else, but don’t game.

Give the rules a read again, and you’ll be fine.

Appeal accepted.