Raegan Wheeler player report

In-game report:

CKEY: SerMagma

Your Discord:

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown

Offender’s In-Game Name: Raegan Wheeler

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 06-16-2022

Round Number: 38746

Rules Broken: Grief - Powergaming - Roleplay

Incident Description:

Spent most of the round slipping people and not doing his job as a chemist, tiding and soft-griefing.

He made acid to melt the spare ID safe, took said spare.

Broke into sec lockers for huds and armor vests.

When the shuttle was close to arriving, tried to kill me with a beaker of welding fuel? by setting me on fire. I suspect this was because i took the sec-huds he tried to take from a locker (i took them and threw them into robotics to stop said person grabbing more gamer gear as we had no sec and i was sick of his shit)

Additional Information: None really, just a small report because i’ve got nothing better to do and its rather simple to solve

Apparently he threw fire on me for “aiding a traitor” and slipping people because he was “bored”

Oh yeah, me “aiding the traitor” was me trying to save my life by showing said traitor the spare the chemist stole since the traitor had just gunned down a sec officer and the chemist.
(Obviously this didn’t save me as once i returned hoping they were gone, the traitor’s partner was there with a shotgun and blasted us but ended up living thanks to a borgo)


Raegan here. I’ll give my perspective here.
The shift was, for the first 30ish minutes, the greenest of greenshifts you can see. I stocked up the chemfridge with various meds before getting bored from an absolute lack of things to to in medbay, so I took a banana peel and went around slipping people. Maybe even slipping people too much. So, I slip this guy, and he drops the pinpointer (the nuke one). Now, generally, non command staff don’t drop pinpointers, so I pick it up and leg it to pinpointer’s location, where I discover a secoff and a captain (That supposedly died from botched surgery). I hand over the pinpointer to secoff, and fuck off outta there.

I decide I should cryo, so as I’m texting AI in front of bridge doors, this dude comes up to me, shoves me, steals my PDA, runs to security, screaming he’s being assaulted by me. Now, I leave to go back to medbay, forgetting I have no ID, when I come back, security has searched him, found my PDA, and is now arresting him while he’s screaming I planted the PDA on him. Considering the worst thing I’ve done is slipping him and passing the pinpointer to authorities, I figure out he’s trying to frame me or something.

With my ID back, I fuck outta there, and go back to the issue of the brainless captain who apparently also had all his stuff stolen in the meanwhile. Chief Engineer and me enter robotics, and we get Captain’s blood to pod clone him, then spend the next several minutes fucking around botany trying to figure out how to revive cap, all while SerMagma is screaming over common how am I killing him (?). By now, I am completely sure he’s there either to frame me into getting gulag’d, or setting up a pretext to murder me. Eventually, PodCaptain pops up, runs away somewhere, and as he’s lost his ID, he’s forced to beg AI to open every door for him. I ask him if he popped open the spare ID safe, he replies that he can’t do it, so I tell him I’ll do it with fluorosulfuric acid. I go to the bridge, ask AI to let me in, pop open the safe, make an announcement for captain to come pick his ID up at the bridge, wait a couple minutes around, and then someone on comms says captain is dead (I think). I go over to the brig to hand over my ID to someone armed and hopefully competent, there’s SerMagma whining IC and LOOC about godknowswhat, secoff decides to search me in front of brig, despite me telling him to go into the brig, Mime rolls up with a .357, shoots us both, and as I’m dying, SerMagma makes a snarky comment, sprays space cleaner over my dead body, and takes my backpack, making no (visible) effort to rescue me. Again, from an In Character perspective, he looked like someone collaborating with the traitors.
After dying, I get rez’d by borg while some fucko with a shotgun is shooting at us, almost die again, clown rescues me and nurses me to health.

I go back to the brig to get my stuff backpack, I get only my chembag back, and decide to go into the brig to see if there’s any security personnel available, and if not, to get some armor (I was told by an admin that if a situation warrants code red, or if the threat to myself is grievous, breaking open a sec locker is understandable). I make a few beakers of CLF3, in case someone decides to try and kill me for the third time, as soon as I near the brig front door, a guy starts attacking me, I throw the beaker and leg it. Clown and I make it into brig, medborg enters brig, ignores stating laws, flashes and drags me out, so I go back to chemistry, and yoink a locker from a security checkpoint. At the time of me stealing the locker, there were 3 (4 including the guy who stole pinpointer and tried to frame me) confirmed hostile personnel, three of which were armed, and a subverted borg, possibly AI too. I bust open the locker, and the guy decides to steal the sunglasses (for whatever reason). After we get to arrivals, I toss a beaker of CLF 3 at him, and go the fuck away. That’s as much as this incident is concerned.


Logs will tell if you are lying ir not i know for a fact i saw you breaking into the spare, smashing sec lockers and had the pinpointer.

You came up to me randomly in evac and threw a random beaker of fuckin welding fuel or some shit for taking some shades you tried to steal that i threw into robotics hoping to stop your self antag once more.

In fact, i only fully interacted with you once or twice, minus the slipping. And yes i did frane you for my death as security wasnt doing anything about the sliping or you doing your job.

I literally waited at chem for about 10m for some space cleaner as my backpack cleaner had run out but as it turns out, you were way too busy slipping people

Nice job lying about me attacking you and having the pinpointer though, A+ for effort.

At the very least, you’ve powergamed, self antagged and broke escalation policy, something you dont seem to undersrand from your past bans this year

Above deleted posted was information I missed in reading and so I deleted my other post.

Kept Slipping me instead of doing his job.
Grab-pulling me onto a banana.
I got upset in-character and started to chase him as he evaded me and the later punishment from command staff. (I told command staff over PDA my grievous)
Found out he was non-antag nor clown at round end.
Was told “I was bored” as to why.

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Oh it was not you who had the pinpointer? Nor was it you who slipped me and stole my PDA, and then ran to sec and tried to frame me?
Well fuck, I think I may have made a little fuckie oopsie there.
You see, I thought that you did the following four things:
Walking around with a pinpointer
Shoving, stealing PDA, running to sec to try to frame me
Trying to frame me for murdering you, despite me being in botany with CE
And the thing with traitor at the end

I thought you did these four things so, it made sense IC to throw fire at ye. But since you didn’t do the other two, my apologies.

No, i didnt have the pinlointer, but i did take your pda to sec after disarming you and tried to get securiry to take actual action against you for allegedly stealing the pinpointer from the CE. (I got arrested instead for theft and it turned out to be a normal engi, but i didnt find that out till near round-end)

I did anything I could do IC-wise to get sec to take actual action against you, and may have gone a tad bit overboard from salt.
but then again my report still stands.
Despite having no context for your actions, you still took the pinpointer from an engi, the spare ID and broke into sec lockers all as a non antag whilst slipping everybody you came across.

Most of my actions against you were from kaito’s perspective, hes an old spiteful janitor that wants nothing more than to clean earn a living and finally buy back his home, willing to do anything for that goal
In his mind slipping him could cause serious damage to his back as he is 84 years of age

Checking my saved log, my issue was during round 38747 to which is basically looking like he slipped people for two rounds back to back.

Yeah, this is pretty accurate.
Let Security handle potential issues like this. It doesn’t make sense for you to be lighting someone on fire as a non-antagonist.

Report accepted.

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Forgot to assign myself before closing this. Oops.