QuickPoll, Hat or Token?

  • Token
  • Hat
  • I have no idea what you are talking about but I want to vote.
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Thank you for including a funny 3rd thing
-the Funny 3rd Thing Club (F3TC)


Keep holding on your beecoins, i’ve NEVER wasted a single beecoin!!!


If it’s not the tower of hats it’s not worth getting.

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Tokens are finite
Hats are forever
get the drip.

Spent 100k on swag shoes/clothes, I do not regret it

Hodl your coins. :gem::raised_hands:



Get the drip, you will never use the antag token anyways, its way too valuable to waste it on one round and you cant even get funny antags such as revs so whats the point?.

Think of it as a participation award. Something to keep you children happy.

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hold coins, I have been making this investment and now I have 195708 coins

I disagree, you gotta spend beecoins to make beecoins. I have very little beecoins in spendable form, but my beecoin networth is quite high in the form of silly little hats and a characther slot.


I got the token ages ago. I had never gotten revenant up to that point, and really wanted to try it. I get it now and again now but back then it was a never. I guess thats the only reason i can see to use it. an antag you either REALLY like and never get or one youve never tried before. but the grind is crazy now, without greentext beecoins. they should increase regular payout to compensate that. or survival maybe?

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