Quick Guide How Not To Get Beaned As Viro

So you’re a Virologist and want to make a nasty infection but don’t want to be banned. Here’s how:


Yup, that’s it. Adding this to a virus makes it transmittable by blood only. Unless you are a traitor with a reasonable allowance of murder bone (Murderbone or Cult/Cog/Rev) you should not take any virus out of Virology without injecting it with Spaceilin first. Even a good virus will probably get you in trouble if it goes round infecting people that didn’t want it. You will be demoted/lynched/permad’d/boinked if you don’t follow this simple tip.

Second. If you make a crew virus, you need to ask the CMO, Command or AI for permission to release it first. Again, if you don’t get permission, you can get demoted/perma’d/boinked. It’s not worth it.

Viro tips:

There is a virus that will infect others with all virus’s the current host has. Very useful for a mid tier virus to spread your murderbone virus that has negative transmission.

Some negative virus’s are neutralised by it’s equivalent healing virus. Hard to take specific damage if you are immune to said damage. (for example, mixing Weight Loss with healing Bee Infestation means you wont ever get fat when injected by the bee fattening healing chem)

You need to cyro your different tier virus’s or they will mix instead of stacking.

It’s worth asking an engineer to come build a chem machine in your lab.

Don’t forget to scan people as they can have dormant virus’s.

How do I prevent the paranoid AI sending whole of sec into virology to arrest me and my infected monkeys because the AI briefly saw a harmful virus(neutered) in the PANDEMIC machine and now whole station got infected with a shitty virus I was testing in my own lab while following viro SOP?

How do I stop dumb people(Captain, CMO, detective etc) from going inside of virology and getting infected ?

Do you have any suggestions on how I can idiot proof the virology lab so people wont wander in and get infected?

Do you know why people fear going into the SM chamber unprotected but not into virology ?

not even a shitpost, this is an actual problem that people go into virology

That’s why it used to have an airlock. Which I think was a terrible idea.

As AI to bolt you in.

A reminder to Security officers that the L3 locker EXISTS in or in proximity to brig and that YOU SHOULD USE THE PROVIDED BIO-HAZARD SEC GEAR, when dealing with the funny pestilence man.

Having dealt with this a lot lately ive found the most effective method is to jump the CMOs ass about allowing it, if no CMO i lecture sec and report it to the captain as unprofessional and dangerous behavior, eventually they’ll get sick enough of being lectured they’ll robe up

PSA: printing a new culture from PANDEMIC nullifies the spacecilin/cryostylane effect, so doing them again is necessary if you duplicated one.


Learned that the hard way unfortunatly.

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Also PSA: using aptotic culling can, and will, cause people to panic thinking you let your virus mutate: always explain things ahead of time

dont play viro

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how to not get roll banned from command.
don’t play command

this is a lie you can be banned from playing command just by being a shitter