Quick and Easy Nitryl (and how to huff it right)

This guide assumes you know how to set up the turbine. If you don’t, learn that here.

How to Make Nitryl
Send a burn mix to your turbine as normal, but add some nitrogen to the mix. Scrub no gases except nitryl. When the chamber ignites, a chain reaction will occur:

  1. The oxygen will burn into co2 and also turn into trit.
  2. The trit will burn, irradiating the air. The oxygen and co2 now react and form pluox.
  3. When there’s at least 5 moles of pluox per tile in the burn chamber, the nitrogen and oxygen will react and form nitryl.

All done, just cool the nitryl with a thermomachine or HE pipes or whatever.

How to Use Nitryl
The best way to use nitryl is to spike your internals with it. Create a gas mix of 97% oxygen, 3% nitryl. Make sure the gas is room temp or you will suffer.


So now you got the mix, but you need to set up your internals tank correctly. Activate your tank in your hand and set the regulator to 18 kPa. This will ensure you don’t suffocate. Now just drain it in a portable air scrubber and refill it in your nitryl mix can. Now you’re good to go. Oh, and get nanites to offset the burn damage.

@Absolucy hurry up with those nanite changes before this clown gets Nitryl nerfed.

Good guide though.


If you have leftover pluox, you can mix it 75/25 with Nitryl and set the pressure of your tank to 4 kpa. Don’t forget to heat it to the room temperature.


Periodic Kelotane pills work for races that don’t use nanites, and characters that don’t use them on personal preference.

Or a trd virus 15 char