Questions about the new council ruling

Question about the new silicon policy council thing
Does that mean changelings are now considered crewmembers?

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Follow the two questions.
Are they on the crew manifest?
Yes, they are.
Which means they are crew members.

But you could also argue that changelings aren’t on the crew manifest and are just impersonating crewmembers

once they are revealed to be lings, it can be largely assumed that that is true and they are no longer crew

but the thing is that they aren’t actually a crew member, they’re just impersonating someone they killed and ate, all the while their real name is Mr. Kappa or something, which isn’t in the crew manifest

The literal same could be said for traitors, they’re not actually crew, just impersonating crew.

nah, the thing is that traitors are actual crew members who are just doing a side job at their workplace

Yeah, as lore states and canon states, Traitors are trying to join the Syndicate.
So, to get in the Syndicate, they’re sent off to get accepted into any NT station, which happens to be Space Station 13. NT Accepts them, or they’re already working there. So they’re crew.

And yes, the Syndicate sometimes makes traitors kill other traitors, you do want the best, after all.

no thats blood brothers bro

it’s for traitors and blood brothers

ok, let’s end this conversation that shouldn’t have began in the first place

any antags on the crew manifest are legal crew, except for changelings, who are just impersonating crew

a changelings real name is not the name of the person they disguise themselves as, it’s a generic phonetic name

this is why when you get mind reader mutation and cuck the lings

Isn’t it bbs trying to join the syndicate?

They may not be actual crew members, but the AI does not know this. If they’re on the crew manifest, the AI has to accept that they’re a crew member.

We talking about lings or traitors?

are you mentally stunted

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Yes, I am.

Both. If they’re on the crew manifest, they’re a crew member.

Back off thot

I’m talking to Xlyana, because lings ARE on the crew manifest.

That’s the story for blood brothers IIRC pretty sure traitors have many different reasons either they’re being payed the syndicate have something against them or they’re just an agent