QuaintSun1 Banned by Admin Joelogbybolb

CKEY: QuaintSun1

Admin’s CKEY: Joelogbybolb

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Infinite

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 2024-MAR-23

Round ID: 48122

Ban Reason: Blew up a kitchen microwave as a nonantag botanist, not online to be contacted so told to explain on forums.

Appeal Reason: Explanation:
Someone triggered the hand teleporter in the bar area, and I hopped through. Ended up on the table between the kitchen and botany. Rain Soho (the chef) grabbed me and CQC-knocked me out before I had a chance to move. This was straight after asking me to grow stuff, so IC my character (Iain Gurgeh) was offended and had a grudge against Rain. I ended up having to go for IRL reasons, so seeing that Rain was engaged at the other side of the kitchen, I stuck some metal in the microwave to blow it up and cryoed.

Additional Information: Afaik, the microwave blowing up really wasn’t that bad - it didn’t make any breaches, and I did it making sure that Rain wasn’t around. The shutters were down in the kitchen, so the blast would be shielded there, too. I blew it knowing that these mitigating factors were in play, and wouldn’t have done so otherwise.

I didn’t think this ran afoul of the griefing rules when I did it, since it takes less than ten minutes to rebuild a microwave, but rereading the griefing section, it seems that the ‘it’s grief if it takes a significant amount of time to fix’ rule is from another server. So yeah, I thought I was okay, but accidentally ran afoul of that one.

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Hello, apologies for not getting ot this earlier but I’ve been pretty busy this week.
The reason you were banned is that you blew up the microwave for little discernible reason, and immediately went to cryo. This struck me as fueled by OOC salt more than an IC conflict. Given your explanation, there are still a few points of contention. Even if this was fueled by IC conflict, just blowing up someone’s microwave before immediately going to cryo (as a non-antag) doesn’t really give root to many IC interactions besides the kitchen being blown up, since you’re not gonna be there to be engaged. If you had actually roleplayed this out a bit more, and stayed around after blowing the microwave up this wouldn’t have been a ban at all most likely.

With all this said, it’s been a while since I banned you, and you did explain yourself so I’m fine with reducing this to time served.

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