Punishment Change Request for Sai Gadow

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Chiryn

Your Discord: chiryn#1521

Offender’s CKEY: not_a_shark // Eviltumble (Player’s ckey)

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): Sai Gadow (The player in question whose punishment was wrongly given)

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 4/3/2022

Round Number: 37137

Rules Broken (if relevant): The player broke Rule 6, as far as I’m aware.

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant):

Incident Description: So, I was playing a security officer that round, and there was this person in a cell serving their sentence and acting a bit crazy. They basically took all of their clothes off, shouting things like ‘woah look at how thicc I am’ and things of the sort, and refused to put clothes back on at the request of me, the captain and other officers I’m pretty sure. (I did try to put them back on but they escaped their cell twice when trying to do so because of my own incompetence and lack of knowledge.)
I ahelped this, but I really don’t remember what I wrote there, I wasn’t very specific but Milly marked it as an in character issue and closed the ticket. They said on Discord they were in a hurry and didn’t notice, so it’s all perfectly fine, I don’t blame the staff in question for anything, I wasn’t specific enough in my ahelp.

Additional Information: None.

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I was there for most of it, dude was acting really creepy, almost borderline ERP.

He took his clothes off and kept saying dtuff like “LIKE WHAT YOU SEE?” he did a litteral “flash” while in his cell

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This should be a player report on Eviltumble rather than an admin report on not-a-shark
that being said jesus christ

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This is incorrect. If someone has an issue with how a ticket was handled in round then they need to make a staff report, not a player report.

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Dont disseminate incorrect advice or policy. As it stands, this post is correct.


Like Tyran said. I was also instructed to do so by Fresh on Discord because it’s essentially a request for a punishment to be changed.


I don’t think he’ll be returning for awhile, could be wrong tho.

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Nice. Thanks everyone.

I reviewed the ticket interaction and I will say that I can see why @Not_a_Shark marked it as IC, the original report is as such:

Apr 3, 2022 @ 16:58:05.551 ADMINPRIVATE: Ticket #4: Chiryn/(Elijah Leech): sia has been behaving inappopriately and is constantly naked, and i don’t even know if i proceeded correctly about their escape attempt

It would be pretty easy to quickly read this over and determine that this is an IC-security issue more than an admin issue. The reported player was also a roundstart assistant-traitor which affords them a bit more leeway with regards to certain behavior. That being said, I would have liked to have seen more engagement from the moderator; especially since the ticket included a question that went unanswered.

Going back through their logs, I found repeated minor RP breaks throughout the round such as:

WHISPER: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “guys im critted stop” (Central Primary Hallway (127, 120, 2))

There was also a weird conversation they had with security where they tried to convince security that they weren’t a ling. They tried to argue for some pretty meta tests and then commented on how they killed themselves previously in another attempt to escape security. Which… Was certainly something.

There were also several examples of far more egregious RP breaks such as:

SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “TYLER I KNOW YOU” (Departure Lounge (102, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “FULP?” (Departure Lounge (102, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “SYBIL?” (Departure Lounge (102, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “come on” (Departure Lounge (101, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “i know you from somewhyere” (Departure Lounge (101, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “where is it” (Departure Lounge (101, 76, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “whats going on” (Brig (107, 162, 2))

And this:

SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “I CAN PROVE IM NOT CASY” (Brig (105, 162, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “CASEY IS GAY” (Brig (105, 162, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “oh shit but im gay” (Brig (105, 162, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “nevermind” (Brig (105, 162, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “heyyyy” (Brig (106, 163, 2))
SAY: Eviltumble/(Sai Gadow) “like what you see” (Brig (106, 163, 2))

Putting aside the fact that hindsight is 20-20, I don’t necessarily think that Shark was fully in the wrong for marking the ticket as IC, the report was a little vague and lacked specifics that we could immediately jump on. However, if we asked a few more questions and dug a little more into this player’s activities, I think we could have nipped this behavior in the bud a lot sooner.

I think this is a good learning opportunity for everyone. For players, I would point to this as a good example on why it’s important to provide specific (preferably actionable) details in your tickets. For admins/mods, I would implore them to ask more questions or do a bit more fact finding before marking a somewhat ambiguous ticket as IC.

Since the reported player has already been removed, no further actions will be taken.

Thank you for taking the time to submit this report.