Prisoner event should scale with the number of officers

Last round 47724 we needed like 3 officers in brig at all times because the prisoner from the prisoner events kept attacking sec or tried to tide out, we had to seprated them
One needed to be in gulag
One needed to be in solitary
And one needed to be in genpop
There were so many prisoner at all times that we ended up running out of prisoner jumpsuits
maybe make it so less prisoners spawn?

From what i asked on the original PR, it does escale with security pop, how many officers were present on the shift? Perhaps it neees more.

But that was my original worry, sure, they’ll try to tide their way out but if they keep assaulting officers, making 200 spears, being put in solitary and so on they’ll be repeated offenders non-stop on an already “permament sentence” so the officers will probably end up sending them to Gulag to give some space to breath mostly because Dynameme can toss you a lot of things as well and having that feeling of Security being overrun every round can get extremely stressful and not fun at all and i don’t want the prisoners to get a treatment of "alright enough, execute them’’ since it’s cheap.

I’ve yet to try them on both ends(being one and as an officer) so i’ll post more once i experience it

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alright so I’ll add more info from my side,
I latejoin and I see officer finlay(turned warden) a hos,another officer called melody and another officer called Lia?, an disconnected det that never came back a brig phys which should heal instead of helping arrest and the captain
The prisoners were already there and finlay was cloned so they couldn’t help with the prisoners, the roundend thing says he died spacewalking
So there was hos, lia trying to restrain the prisoners, the whole brig was bloody and the prisoners kept escaping wasting our time

the prisoners pretty much acted like greytiders all shift

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The PR was merged while I slept but I do believe their objective is to cause trouble and escape jail, which doesnt sound too far fetched, but I understand the need for scaled numbers.

This sounds like the event working as intended to me.

That’s a fairly well staffed security team


we couldn’t put any other prisoners in brig because of those guys, we had to make custom cages for each one of them
This also reminds me of prisoner job on paradise which the meta sec used was to borg each one of them because they couldn’t be assed to watch over them

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I mean, when you consider dynameme antags being thrown to the formula… those three prisoners, depending on the type of players are gonna make life as misserable as possible for sec and making the sentence for the regular antag take longer due to having to fight the event-prisoners constantly.

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I think the problem here is that we’re injecting pure antags(escape at all costs) into a system designed primarily for RP(genpop).

You’d either need to adjust their objective(or remove it), or make genpop more meta-focused on restraining players. Genpop needs some cooperation from the prisoners, or it starts breaking down and just becomes a hassle.


I mean… Still not as bad as swarmers or revenant.


Yeah, you said it very well, the flavor text is just… simple so the prisoners are just gonna make spears every time, break the first window and trigger the lockdown, ruining any other antag that might have something planned and getting into a fight constantly, making any intended utility of the genpop be destroyed or used from chairs, machinery, knifes, soaps, etc, at least whenever we get the spacepol prisoner events they can be sent away if the hunters take them and that takes pressure out of sec

Maybe security will learn to treat the incoming prisoners with more care? Today was literally the first day of the new antag, the meta’s going to shift.

Genepop is not exactly well suited for 3 prisoners + more station prisoners. If they keep trashing up brig station prisoners are pretty much guaranteed to be executed on first capital offense to keep brig from collapsing. (or the CC prisoners being thrown into gulag while sec forgets about them entirely).

Consider the impact of the CC prisoners wrecking up other prisoners with lighter sentences on people’s rounds in general. Someone brigged for a minor crime will likely spend much more time effectively round-removed if the prisoners kill them or crit them, which gives security an incentive to ignore minor crimes altogether and only catch le antags who are violent enough.

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I think this is one of the more far-fetched speculations. CC prisoners flavortext doesn’t seem to incentivise them to just kill their new roommate. In fact, working with other brigged members may be more likely.

in fact they are explicitly told not to kill non-security members

Well, the difference being that the crewmember prisoners get an id that has a timer, so the crewmember in jail doesn’t really have much incentive to risk having their sentence be elevated in case of the plan failing, in the case of the prisoners it’s worth to try to kill one of the crewmembers just to take their ID, same goes with ‘‘hey can i have your id when it’s about to expire’’

There’s a lot of possibilities, it’s true that it’s just the first day of it being merged but it’s worth keeping an eye considering everything.

Would it be fair to either put a tracker implant or a chemical implant on them by default? So if they are too much of a nuscience they can be easily found and detained or simply killed.

It could probably be removed too via surgery.

Like a prison?

I for one embrace prisoners being assholes, make my day idiot because I will come in there and give you brain damage with my baton if you keep breaking shit.


Genpop is not laid out like a prison. There is too much freedom because at the end of the day we want the prisoners to still have fun.

There is free access to tools, there are no prison guards, and compliance cannot be achieved by any means short of physical restraint.

Genpop needs prisoners to RP not liking pain or being human at all, and most people see the antag status and just throw themselves at the nearest guard like crackheads. That’s what I meant.

That “go ahead, make my day” thing won’t do anything, because they’ll just stand back up at the earliest opportunity and continue unfazed.


Yeah, pretty much like what Ant said, i think i can speak on behalf of a lot of sec players that we’d rather have some meaningful roleplay AND an ocassional prison brawl than a constant non-stop brawl on top of dynameme antags doing their own thing while they scream ‘’ I WANT FREEDOM ‘’.

And the last thing i wanna do is to be forced to send them to gulag, bucklecuff them or straight up execute them because while we can eventually do those kind of tactics (same as building a 2x2 and throw them in there) i also want the other players to have fun.

Imagine chasing an heretic for half a hour, after having your co-workers killed by them, you finally catch them and start to process them only for the three prisoners to start throwing spears, chairs, knifes at you, would make a simple processing x10 times harder and stressful

Of course, at the end of the day this is not guaranteed to happen every shift and it’s an RNG chance for it to appear, it’s not a ‘‘Job’’ like /TG/ and you can certainly get players that might be amazing roleplayers as well but i still think there’s some evident issues that are worth pointing up and we’ll have to see how it plays out the more it gets rolled.