Premeditated Murder Plans

ITT Anyone can describe how their failed antagging went, reflect and come up with a better way for the next time around.

I’ll start. I played Incursion and we had to kill three people silently(we didn’t get anyone) and escape. I used my 15 tc to buy a signal jammer an emag and freedom implant that i never used. I look back just an hour ago and If i used my head, i could have bought a sleepy pen to act as a delivery system for chems unlocked by emag.

This thread will be used solelly for notes like this.

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The real benefit of incursion is the comms , the equipment afforded by all the jobs of the incursion and coordination.

Really, 1 person and their equipment is never going to be stronger than a less armed but more organized and informed team of 3 traitors.

Please note the sleepy pen is heavily nerfed , you are honestly better off making your own chemical cocktail in a piercing syringe and being loud.

Remember that information is king. If you can find out what equipment the excommunicates have you can better counter their gear.


Once I was an excommunicated and I was really scared so I used a mulligan toxin to change my identity and an agent ID to change my ID. One of them late into the shift walked into botany where I worked to look for me and asked for my original name to no avail. lol

Cheesy as fuck but I am thankful that that is a thing you can do.

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I think this is genuinely a win.

Succeeding as Antag sometimes its fun, sometimes it sucks.

With my character Solene I rather be absolutely fucking useless as a criminal.

She has used various disguises complete with a Paper ID and stuff, thematically to whatever shes doing.

One day I was particularly unsuccessful.

I went around as the Mad Blue Bomber, because my goal was to destroy sec equipment.

I went around with a blue laser gun helmet, clothes dyed blue and stuff.

It was in one of those stations that has a windoor into sec and that’s the only maintenance entrance to it. So I was caught multiple times by sec there carrying a Blue dyed fuel tank and carrying like 10 c4 in my bag.

That led to many funny awkward moments and even thought I was caught very early on for the first time and ended up being in brig for a total amount of 50 minutes I think I was very successful in making the round for for at least sec and the AI/borgs who were on the known about my shenanigans.

I blew a total of 2 welding fuel tanks with C4 in that round and sent photos taunting sec with sprayed messages around it.

In preparing this I almost got caught yet again.

In the end, I was brigged and the wizard came to me and offered me a potion.

I unknowingly summoned a laughter demon, and I asked him for revenge.

It was one of the funniest rounds ever, and I failed hardcore. And I hope I keep failing.


not really impressed by that but it’s original.

Not even that this thread must be traitor focus but logistics and numbers for anything can be appreciated. Heretic ritual ingredients, hydroponics notes, ashwalker tips and how to grow shit in lavaland and hunt goliaths better. Everything helps.

what do you mean “not really impressed”?

Of course its not impressive. I was being absolutely incompetent.


me personally, i only did something like this once. My character was Marsley the Botanist and she grew durathread and bought the syndie special crate. Radiation storm made her hair green so she became the green ninja and got caught before she could pull off anything. I actually have most of this round on OBS lthough i’ve never done anything to the footage and it cut off around after getting brigged. I never tried recording anything again because i don’t know what causes that.

would you say getting brigged made ruined your gimmick?

they take all your items away. you get the choice to salt or not.

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Possibly had my most successful tot. I pretty much played Mime Santa in January.

Giving people presents gave me alot of good rep with the crew and my target up until my betrayal. I stole HOP’s ID and gave myself AA, used that to get around the station to armoury and try helping to kill nightmare. I was such a gift giver I even guided a janitor to grab a gun from there.

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->Be an incursionist
->Have one of your teammates be a geneticist
->Out target walks into genetics 15 minutes into the shift asking to be mutated
->Me and my teammate help him get into the pod and turn him into the monkey
->Proceed to butcher him while listening to him screaming and hoping (that me 2nd person involved, was not a traitor)
->Deep fry his brain, mission completed

I’m sorry Geoffrey

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Some murders are just to perfect to skip out on.

should’ve just loaded him up with every beneficial mutation

I remember I cheaply replaced someone this way as ling.

Would be cool if you could make a delayed acting mutadone and if you knew the correct “mix” can calculate the time in which it will take effect. Say… 5 mins. You power em up, let em go, run into em, RP a murder scenario and when they’re about to go god mode on you all their mutations dissipate leaving them panicked and flustered…

nah but if you load them up with all the god mutations they themselves dissipate into the primordial soup from wence they evolved…

Abductors are fun. Can their camera track exploration shuttles beyond zlevels? And what do the end experiment options mean?

When I played before, my teammate claimed the disguises don’t fool people. But I wonder if an agent disguised as a mime could use HOP line to ask for access while the real mime’s asleep/pacified on the ship.

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